Ice or No Ice? Debunking Pregnancy Myths

Pregnancy is a magical time, where you're growing another human inside of you! But with that magic comes a lot of false information thrown at expecting mothers. Everyone and their mother (and grandmother) seem to have an opinion on what you should be doing throughout your pregnancy. Some myths may hold merit, but others... not so much. Here are some popular pregnancy myths debunked for your peace of mind!

Ice or No Ice? Debunking Pregnancy Myths

Myth: You can't eat ice cream while pregnant

Frozen treats? More like frozen feet -- from the cold shoulder given when someone tells an expectant mom they shouldn't eat ice cream!

Thankfully it's just falsehoods they're peddling... for the most part. As long as the scoop (or pint) doesn't contain unpasteurized milk, which could carry Listeria bacteria, go ahead and scream (or "eeee!" depending on excitement levels) for ice cream.

Myth: Don’t lift your arms over your head because it will wrap around baby’s neck

"Hey babe, can you grab me that thing up there?" "No can do sweetie--your arm raising privileges have been revoked due to this new urban legend I read about on Facebook." Sounds ridiculous right?

It is one hundred percent not true. Your little bun-in-the-oven folds and hugs themselves in various positions all day long--one position even involves putting both hands touching their opposite foot across their belly. So no need to worry about getting tangled up in there if your hand goes above shoulder level.

Myth: Exercise during pregnancy harms the baby

Exercise is good for everyone -- including moms-to-be! It helps reduce stress and anxiety while also aiding in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

While we're all aiming for more calories burned through exercise than gained via post-workout pizza parties, many frown upon a lady bumping while pumping. But the evidence proves that exercising for 30 minutes or more a day can be beneficial not only to the expectant mother but also to her growing passenger.

Myth: You’re eating for two

So, I guess it’s cool if I eat double of everything- right? Yeah…no. Don't fall into this trap!

While you do need extra calories during pregnancy, don’t think by any means you have complete room on your plate like tossing an upgrade in those Golden Arches days. Eating healthy foods is important and consuming two servings instead of one would gain unnecessary weight which could cause complications down the road.

Myth: Coffee should be avoided completely

Anyone who messes with our caffeine fix knows we're ready to fight. And while too much coffee intake isn’t recommended due to its caffeine content (which can increase stress hormones), moderate consumption shouldn't harm anyone -- including baby.

Aim for around 200 mg per day or an average cup-o-Joe per usual, without feeling guilty about indulging yourself in some French vanilla creamer every now and then

Bottom Line

With all these so-called rules floating around, it's understandable why many expectant mothers are confused and frustrated when trying go through their pregnancy journey while staying informed/not freaking out over each tip they get thrown at them from friends/family/strangers on the street.

The best advice anyone could provide goes beyond steering clear of myths debunked above; simply listen and follow what your doctor shares specifically tailored towards YOU since everyone reacts differently throughout those nine months that will feel quite long yet somewhat fleeting!

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