Induce Labor Fast: Ways to Help At 36 Weeks

Ah, the joy of pregnancy - swollen feet, unpredictable cravings and so many backaches you'll feel like a tree. Add on top of that being overdue by weeks? No thank you! Let's face it: there comes a time where we just want that bun out of our oven, ASAP. So how can you induce labor naturally at 36 weeks? Well look no further my pregnant friend, this article has got the answers.

Induce Labor Fast: Ways to Help At 36 Weeks

Sign That Your Body is Ready for Childbirth

1) Cervical changes Your cervix needs to be "ripe" or "softened" in order for labor to begin. This occurs when your cervix starts dilating (opening up) and effacing (thinning out). The better shape your cervical condition is in, the greater chance there is of inducing labor.

2) Mucus Plug Loss One sign that your body could be getting closer to going into labour is losing the mucus plug. It can present itself as discharge streaked with blood or even plain jelly-like discharge when passing urine or having sex.

3) Increased Braxton Hicks Contractions These are practice contractions but they become more frequent around thirty-six weeks gestation.

If any combination of these signs manifest after 36 weeks gestation then,your baby may hopefully arrive soon without medical intervention.

Helpful Methods Of Labor Induction To Try Out


Stay fit before delivery- during pregnancy exercising helps improve core strength which makes pushing easier once you get down to business.

Try These Exercises:

  • Squats
  • Pelvic Tilts
  • Kegels

When looking around online for exercises some recommend rolling on an exercise ball - which I find funny because everyone knows nobody rolls off one gracefully (Google Images’ experiences)!

Nipple Stimulation

Stimulating the nipples can simulate chemical release similar to oxytocin, which plays an essential role in initiating and progressing labor. It creates a chain reaction on signaling the brain then onto triggering contraction.

How To Stimulate Your Nipples

  • Use your fingers or ask your partner (if you can bear it)to roll your nipple between their finger.
  • Perform it with moderation as too much stimulation may have arousing effect - this is not working ovetime at Hooters.


If you don't mind getting poked with needles, acupuncture could be worth trying! It helps induce labour by releasing endorphins that encourages contractions to start naturally.

Spicy Food

Spicy food lovers around rejoice (or weep) because according to some - eating super-spicy treat has been touted for many years as an effective method of inducing labor. Beware the collateral damage if everything later burns twice!

Evening Primrose Oil

This oil contains prostaglandins which are present in semen that is known to help ripen cervix and stimulate childbirth.

Place capsule inside vagina after losing mucus plug

Increased chances of infection also come alongside using unnatural substances like pills hence proceed only under Doctor's advice.

Ultimately no surefire way exists on how any baby gets delivered except taking a cautious approach largely guided by professional guidance(quite boring but true). So punch up bag (not really) instead of resorting solely stress-filled late-night google searches designed to make even hypochondriacs feel normal . One thing I will say though NO CASTOR OIL, seriously nobody deserves that sort discomfort amidst all pregnancy related pooop!!!

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