Infant Fever Fixes: Treat Viral Fevers with Ease

When your little one has a fever, it can feel like the end of the world. Nobody wants to see their baby feeling unwell and unable to cope with what life throws at them. Luckily, there are plenty of infant fever fixes out there that can help relieve some of the symptoms associated with viral fevers.

Infant Fever Fixes: Treat Viral Fevers with Ease

Understanding Viral Fevers

Before discussing infant fever remedies in depth, let's first gain an understanding of what constitutes a viral fever. A VIRAL FEVER is a common sign that something isn't quite right in our bodies due to viruses or bacteria entering our system through various means like coughing, sneezing or physical contact.

High temperatures associated with these types of fevers are typically not dangerous for infants unless they persist beyond 3 days (the earliest signs might be present within about four hours after contracting infection).

Signs and Symptoms

Here’s some indications you should watch out for if your child develops a viral fever:

  • High body temperature - this includes temp reading above 99 °F/37°C
  • Sweating profusely despite cool ambient temperatures
  • Chills which may also affect respiration rate
  • Losses consciousness in extreme situations
  • Decreased frequency/taste appetite

While many parents try medication when dealing with children’s high body temperatures during summers or winters before contacting physicians but sometimes it may worsen conditions especially non-adult drugs- unique products recommended by pediatricians will do.

So here we go!

There are several different ways to handle virus-induced fever; however following tried-and-test techniques my pediatrician shared on my inquiry, I realized his subtle ideas were such easy cures.

Cue-Cool bath therapy:

By changing environment and less exposure minus putting garments, heat goes away naturally so have the following items available for bathing:

  • Bowl
  • Normal cold water
  • Sponge After filling bowl with normal cold water use sponge or a soft cloth to soak some of it and wring out excess water; carefully apply lightly over infant’s skin keeping their head, back and groin in mind. Repeat every 10-15minutes intervals for around 45 minutes.

Cold water cannot severely shock the baby’s body system by drastically cooling them but rather normalize vitals naturally from inflated rates associated with viral fever.

Appropriate Medications:

Our pediatrician always recommended taking infant medications seriously yet sparingly depending on symptoms displayed. Never medicate your baby without consulting your medical practitioner first as different viruses come packaged differently hence unique treatments are required.In our case couple drops of an IBUPROFEN after mealtime were enough offload high temperatures alongside other food supplements too like;

  • Zinc spray
    Two sprays containing zinc mineral sprayed under tongue twice per day (especially helpful if defending older siblings at home who’re recovering from any epidemics).

Stay As Cool As A Cucumber

For babies exposed to humid-environments single/double exposure sleepwear can be considered which absorb sweat into them thereby reassuring faster humid condition recovery.Grabbing a cucumber , washing it thoroughly then slicing it up can help extract toxins and accelerate natural detox process inside the human body.

Infants love new toys so a fun little cephalopod placed between legs[use leg instead] can allow air circulate freely reducing swelling often associated with febrile seizures during high temperature climaxes.

There you have it folks, simple steps that will transform sad/panicked/ depressed parents into calm-restored-relieved ones-full control=responsible parent!

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