Iron deficiency anemia: What your lab values reveal.

Iron deficiency anemia is a common problem that affects millions of people worldwide. If you're feeling really tired lately or experiencing shortness of breath, there's a good chance this might be the reason why! So what exactly does your lab value reveal? Read on to find out!

Iron deficiency anemia: What your lab values reveal.


Iron deficiency anemia occurs when your body doesn't have enough iron to make hemoglobin—the protein in red blood cells responsible for carrying oxygen from your lungs to other parts of your body. Without sufficient hemoglobin levels, your organs and tissues won't receive the oxygen they need to function properly.

Luckily, iron-deficiency anemia can be diagnosed with routine blood tests like complete blood count (CBC), serum iron test, ferritin test (the concentration of stored iron in tissues) or transferrin saturation test (measures how much iron is being carried by transferrin).

CBC Test Results

When you get a CBC done and it reveals low levels of hemoglobin, hematocrit (percentage volume occupied by red blood cells) and smaller than normal red blood cells sizes referred as microcytosis.Then at some point ,you are subjected to measure MCV meaning mean corpuscle volume which indicates average size of RBC .Generally <80 fL suggests Microcytic / hypochromic if associated with low haemoglobin level signifies Iron deficiency anaemia .

Other indications in normocytic R.B.C : - Low Retics means Bone marrow not producing enough new R.B.C - High RDW-CV implies varied sizes existing Red Blood Cells - High Platelet recording could signify underlying inflammatory response leading towards Anaemic state

Another diagnostic clue apart CBC includes Serum ferritin testing which explains following abnormal results:

Ferritin Test Results

Ferritin molecules bind up Excess amountsh:of stored Iron or removed Iron from tissues, hence there functional estimates serves for assessing ground levels of iron .

  • Low Ferritin Levels:signify deficiency of storage Iron and developing symptoms like hair loss or fatigue
  • High Ferittin readings : signifiy occurring abnormal breakdown leading to LIVER inflammation

If ferritn rates remain normal, further assessment by transferrin saturation testing reveals :

Transferrin Saturation Test

Transferrin protein binds & carries Single Atoms or ions (Fe3+) requiring body tissues for syntheising required More or less 35% which is Optimum need for effective functioning R.B.C.s but Lower concentration than this indicates the onset issue called “Iron Deficiency”.

Interpretation :

  • Serums transferrrin Normal with low serum iron reflects lack of “Available” Iron in Human body
  • High Serum Tf %ages reflect Excess availibility of Iorn in system hence leads towards another blood disorder i.e Haemochromatosis .

Signs and Symptoms

In case you don't know what signs indicate that you have iron-deficiency anemia. The following are some common symptoms: - Tiredness / exhaustion even after adequate rest. - Shortness Of breath expecting more Stressful task out of your routine life - Reduced Immunity Power making one susceptible contracting infections i.e Fever/Flu etc - Cold hands and feet - Paleness on Skin due to efficient carrying Oxygen through Red Blood Cells

Not exciting , right? But trust us when we say it's critical!

So why does a person experience such Ahanaemic behaviours? It doesn't happen suddenly; rather ,There exists several potential causes contributing towards deficiency:


Inadequate Intake And Absorption Of Dietery Sources

A diet rich in dietary sources including vegetables plus fruits not only provide vitamins instead benefits maintaining overall health,but also provides Steady and Adequate Iron absorption for smooth functioning of Body Processes like oxygen Creation ,blood formation .

Blood Loss

Positive evidence need to be procured incase the Chronic blood loss occurs in menstruation, frequent nosebleeds,a recent surgery or any ulcers situated constipated regions.

Other Causes

-Excessive Workout sessions. Nevertheless monitoring hydration levels is crucial thereby skipping much amount / taking water supplementation could lead initial stage of dehydration

-Noctural restless leg syndrome though potential systemic root causes are hard to determine.

-An obvious parasitic tranfission: In certain developing countries, malaria or hookworm infestation may contribute iron deficiency anemia among individuals .

-Some people have genetic mutations that cause them to absorb less iron from their diet.


So what's next?Iron Deficiency Anemia can simply cured by making lifestyle changes and adding specific dietary requirement & prescription medication prescribed by doctors:

Dietary change (Recommendations)

-Consume foods rich in Vitamin-C aiding Iron Absorption (like : # Oranges,Paper,Citrus fruits etc. -Bestow upon Plant based digestion power: Potato,Soybeans,tofu,lentils,nuts,wheat products etc.Let’s try Grilling ,Boiling instead addictive oiling Frying mechanism .

  • Armodafinil Armodafinil is a wakefulness-promoting agent used for treating narcolepsy or hypersomnia disorders. It directly stimulates the central nervous system which results into increased alertness.Thereby encouraging focus and efficiency in daily routines .

Good News For You!

You can combat this problem with some simple steps that will help you recover from fatigue very quickly— but first you must understand why your lab values are so important:

Poor nutrition due inadequate mineral essentiality contributes iron deficiency hence resulting as Anaemic state represented Check regularly levels through medical attention to boost haematological representation .What lab findings signify ?If your results indicate severely low hemoglobin, further diagnostic testing options including upper endoscopy, colonoscopy or esophagus and pelvis evaluation for menstrating women determines significant bleeding that requires urgent investigation .

Iron deficiency anemia is a common yet treatable condition. It can make one obese lethargic,tired which impacts the overall productivity of body functions.To establish proper therapy ,a non strenous lifestyle accompanied by nutrient rich veggies and regular checkups helps maintain good Iron levels to life prolonged healthy Life!

Now That's ironclad advice!

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