Is a Used Medela Breast Pump Safe?

Are you currently expecting and looking for the perfect breast pump? Perhaps you are considering buying a used Medela breast pump to save some cash. It's understandable, baby expenses can add up quickly! However, before diving into that purchase, stop and read this article.

Is a Used Medela Breast Pump Safe?

What is a Medela Breast Pump?

Firstly,let's understand what a Medela breast pump is. A Medelea breast pump is an electric or manual mechanical device used by lactating women with engorged breasts who would like to extract milk from their bodies in order to feed their babies later on. The milk extracted through pumping can be stored in bottles or bags for later use.

Medela is among the most popular brands of these devices because they have produced innovative technology such as their 2-Phase Expression system that mimics how babies naturally nurse at the mother’s nipples.

Benefits of Using A Second-hand Breast Peel

Some mothers might opt for second-hand pumps as it has its own benefits which include:

  1. Saving money
  2. Environmental sustainability
  3. Accessing great quality pumps without exceeding your budget

That being said, when purchasing any product preowned there must be certain precautions taken beforehand; especially since it involves our health and safety

How Does Milk Flow Out of Your Breasts – Nature Hacks!

Before we dive deeper into whether buying a used refurbished one or not is safe, let us run over some basics: Breastmilk moves out during breastfeeding by sucking, also called express-reflex process involving two hormones namely oxytocin ad prolactin. Oxytocin signals the mammary glands where milk is made flow-down to “let down” milk production making it induce through your nipples while Prolactin initiates further milk production if needed

Can I Buy A Pre-Owned Pump?

The resale market is strong, and it’s common for mothers to sell or donate their pumps once they’re done using them. Some women may even pass it along to family members.

While buying a second-hand pump is perfectly legal, there are several considerations before the purchase.

Risks with Used Breast Pumps

Here are some of the risks involved while purchasing used breast pumps:

  1. Poor hygiene & cleanliness
  2. Lack of manufacturers warranty
  3. No guarantee regarding device condition

Additionally, due to strict FDA regulations regarding resale products might not include all parts and information needed in addition repackaging as "open box." Therefore if you find yourself considering purchsing option pay attention!

Safety Precautions You Can Take While Using A Second-Hand Medela Breast Pump

If you decide that saving money by purchasing a pre-owned Medela breast pump is what's best for you after looking at the concerns mentioned above; then congratulations! However,keeping sanitary as well as extended lifespan operation will need some investment from your side And here’s how:

  1. Completely Disassembly - Deconstructing each part including valve membranes , etc. 2.Clean Each Part Separately – Dispose of old shields bottles air tubes membrane right out-the-box materials can be an alternative cleaning solution 3.Medical-grade sterilization - Medical-grade UV light devices or heat sanitizers such as microwave steam bags should be utilized. 4.Replace Any Parts That Need Replacement - If everything has been fixed correctly consider replacing any worn-out pieces like diaphragm valves or tubing (it will improve your motor efficiency too!)

Maintaining Your Pump For Extended Use:

Maintaining your equipment is fundamental if longevity sustainability and optimal performance stays on-course throughout.The following tips could help keep give legs to yours-pump's life:

  • Ensure Proper Storage: Store away from moisture & extreme temperatures would prevent damages specifically when being stored empty .
  • Adhere To Manufacturers Service Schedule:It does not hurt to obtain a service manual from the manufacturer or follow up with their customer care department. This guide will often specify parts & methods of cleaning.

Ponder On Buying A New Breast Pump

When it comes to buying baby products, all parents want to ensure that they have purchased a safe and hygienic item for their child's health.

As mentioned above, there are certainly risks involved in purchasing an old breast pump. It's always encouraged that you purchase fresh out-the-box like-new one- just as you would with car parts .

A new pump guarantees equipment warranties meaning that any part replacement operation is likely something manufacturers cover — and prevents concerning maintenance costs ocurring should repairs be necessary.


In conclusion, while we understand many wish save some cash during such expensive seasons keeping oneself healthy is equally vital , nevertheless prepare your budget accordingly.

Evaluating whether purchasing used Medela pumps is right for your lifestyle needs could mean either saving money invested towards medical healthcare bills later on; however by considering certain precautions listed including recommended maintenance tips we can easy avoid having our babies consume contaminated liquids sourced through dirty pumps bought without any form of certified checks.

Remember though its never wrong to resort back to investing prudently on high-quality products where warranted .

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