Is My Cervix Dilating? Signs You Should Know!

Let's face it: talking about our cervixes can be uncomfortable, but as women, we need to take ownership of our bodies and become more familiar with the changes that come with different stages in life. One significant change is cervical dilation during pregnancy. So, how do you know if your cervix is dilating? Fear not! We're here to guide you through signs that may indicate your cervix is starting to open up.

Is My Cervix Dilating? Signs You Should Know!

What is Cervical Dilation?

Before diving into signs of cervical dilation, let's talk a bit about the process itself. The cervix connects the uterus and vagina and plays a vital role in childbirth by slowly opening up (dilating) as labor approaches. During vaginal exams, healthcare professionals measure how many centimeters the cervix has opened from 0-10cm.

When Does Cervical Dilation Begin?

Cervical dilation varies for every individual; however, typically no dilation occurs until around week 37 when pregnancy reaches full-term status. But don't panic if you notice some changes before or after this time frame – everyone's body progresses differently throughout their pregnancy.

Some common factors that trigger early-stage cervical dilation include infections, multiple pregnancies close together or physical trauma (sorry girls!). Conversely, one hallmark sign of late-stage cervical dilation includes entering into active labor – yay!

Factor #1 - Infections

Infections sound gross even without mentioning their potential effect on our beloved reproductive system! Still didn't prompt an ugh!? Alright…imagine a yellowish-green discharge seeping out of there – yeah...gross!

If left untreated bacterial vaginosis or sexually transmitted diseases can cause preterm labour due to inflammation causing contractions /weakened tissue which makes it easier for amniotic fluid[cid:image002.jpg@01D7BLT8T0T9BAJU24Q6] to escape and lead to another level of complications. It is thus, essential to recognize the warning signals or better yet, head straight over for check-ups with the doctor.

Factor #2 - Multiple Pregnancies Close Together

You may have heard about Irish couples receiving hefty compensations after a surprise pregnancy despite using medical aids. Yeap! These multiple pregnancies commonly have a high percentage of delivering preterm or experiencing weakened cervical muscles that result in early dilatation. Talk about complex mathematics – 1+1 apparently equals risky business!

Signs Your Cervix May Be Dilating

Now that you know some factors that cause cervical dilation let's talk through signs that may indicate your cervix has started opening up:

Sign #1 - Pelvic Pain and Pressure

As your baby grows inside the uterus while labor nears, it puts pressure on the pelvic region as birth draws closer because we must make room again due to our previous meals/constantly moving bowels//breathing/ other things since we aren't an air purifier!

If you experience persistent lower abdominal pain, trouble walking/can barely walk like Gollum after his precious was stolen…It could be indicating something significant happening down below (hint hint: time for a check-up)

Sign #2 - Changes in Vaginal Discharge

This symptom ties back into infections being prevalent during early stages of cervical dilation which would result in much more discharge than typical daily amounts. It' d also come tinged with blood depending on how full term you are(could compare it to passing off soda instead of delicious urine!)

Notice something out of character? A quick trip over[for vaginal exams][cid:image003.jpg@01D7BLTEM32UYHHQ3NJK]/ultrasound scans [cid:image004.jpg@01D7BLTFXQNAT8E40S3] could make sure everything is secure down there.

Sign #3 - Contractions

Though some women experience Braxton Hicks contractions throughout their pregnancies (sudden tightening of the uterus that comes and goes at random moments), if you notice a more regular rhythm to these contractions, it certainly means your cervix may be dilating! Rocking those waves like Moana does in movies can totally part away from reality when we are referring to bush fires down there!

Peep doctors ASAP for monitoring recommendations or instructions on how long one should wait before heading over to the hospital[.][cid:image005.jpg@01D7BLTGJ0Y65VV5HVD]/monitor the interval shots[cid:image006.gif@01D7BLTGSJZG6M920U6]

Sign #4 - Water Breakage

We aren't talking about a tiny leak; this is sea hurricane Elsa levels- BIG The bags of water surrounding your baby break all NAT GEO[style], meaning things need immediate attention. In several instances, doctors themselves have needed technology's help due to difficulty detecting such issues remotely during psstimes

Cases differ depending on where you live so checking up with healthcare practitioners for information makes medical sense!(and less likely leads to self-diagnosing)


A healthy pregnancy differs uniquely between people. However, understanding cervical dilation signs and tracking them continuously altogether helps keep momma bear calm until baby bear decides its optimal time frame for entry into our world finally(no escaping allowed!)

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