Jealous Relatives? Here’s How to Deal!

Oh, the joys of having relatives! The endless family gatherings and reunions, where everyone is supposed to get along and be happy. But what happens when jealousy starts rearing its ugly head? Suddenly, you find yourself in a situation that feels more like an episode of "Survivor" than a family reunion.

Jealous Relatives? Here

Jealousy can stem from a variety of reasons - financial success, relationship status or even looks. Whatever the case may be, dealing with it is never easy. It requires patience and understanding on your part, as well as some quick thinking to navigate through these choppy waters.

So what do you do when your relatives start getting envious of you? Well fear not my friend! Listed below are several tips that will help you deal with jealous relatives.

Understand What Makes Them Jealous

Before jumping right into battling jealousy with everything at hand just because someone else is envious doesn't mean they're always evil or malicious – folks might simply envy what others have achieved because it resonates close to heart something which they've struggled their whole life trying hard for but without effective outcomes thus far . Start analyzing why exactly those people could feel jealous so strongly towards particular things about your lifestyle choices/career/financial stability/family roles/etc., coming up those closer look scales should provide enough insight on solving this uncomfortable issue once and for all.

Pro tip: Keep in mind that lack of information only worsens misunderstandings between individuals leading conflicts down further unfortunately.

Avoid Gloating

Nobody likes incessant talkers about nothing other than themselves; don't become one by going on TMI tangents.How great it felt getting promoted recently , how much money was spent buying new luxurious sports car last weekend or approximately amount planning spend vacation trip next week: refrain inclinations gradually caressing ego feeds mutual disapproval among both parties inevitably creating distance .

Your relatives might be tolerant about hearing updates on your life but constantly flaunting everything you've got is not only unnecessary but also not appreciated by the people who care for you. It's important to keep a balance when it comes to talking about yourself and what matters most without sounding like an entitled gossip.

Pro tip: Remember, conversations aren't just one-sided. When speaking with relatives make sure that everyone gets their turn sharing stories back and forth! This way conversation remains light-hearted overall creating friendly environment which benefits all involved parties comfortably so.

Don't Fuel The Fire

It's human nature to want to defend ourselves from negative comments or behaviors that we deem unfair; however responding defensively fuels fire jabs further which could lead more severe conflicts if left unchecked. If a relative shows jealousy towards something in your life, it doesn't necessarily mean they're taking personal aim at you or trying hard sabotage progress continuously rather than letting off steam; instead try empathizing calmly provide clear statements countering their claims respectfully avoiding violent arguments swiftly diffusing awkwardness before stays longer than wanted causing permanent damage among good memories shared together during reunions .

Pro Tip: Use humor as a tool of diffusing tension while communicating with someone envy-filled - laughing things out definitely creates relaxing atmosphere benefiting both parties feeling at ease doesn't hurt anyway!

Stay True To Yourself

The biggest mistake any person can make is changing themselves into someone they're not because others think differently – such mindset inherently defeats purpose gaining approval those jealous around . Trying to please everybody by altering aspects of personality/preferences/traits isn’t feasible long term especially since shortly after inevitably became unhappy untrue self-respecting individual should adhere principles values remain steadfast even when pressures build momentously outside world influence circle tightening down threatening status quo trust believe achieving goals deserves every ounce hard work put forward no matter circumstances consciously ignoring negativity watering positivity inside us flourishing beautifully eventually providing opportunity real happiness toward destination journey alike simultaneously.

Pro tip: It's always better to be yourself than someone else. Staying true to who you are will not only bring you happiness but may even inspire others around inspiring them staying steadfast through hard times.

Be Gracious & Thankful

Being gracious and showing appreciation can go a long way in dealing with jealousy from relatives. A simple "Thank You" or a heartfelt note of gratitude for their presence in your life shows that you genuinely care about them despite any differences between both sides . This can alleviate tension, show respect towards undeserved parties motivating progress within positive endeavours future attempts everybody putting forth efforts equally eye-to-eye without any thought losing grounds granted being taken advantage .

Pro Tip: Remember thanking people is essential making all individuals involved feel valued special improving relationships overall.

Dealing with jealous relatives isn't easy, but it's not impossible either. Understanding where the feelings stem from , avoiding gloating, defusing negative emotions strategically while maintaining personal identity on unchanging principles are key steps towards resolution of this burdensome issue regarding family members; furthermore staying appreciative forgivable whenever possible relief tension aligning forces rather fighting against each other unnecessarily due misunderstandings unclear reasoning caused miscommunications down road ultimately creating harmony valuable memories remembered across lifespan ahead - something many would agree worth spending time constantly practicing working strengthened bonds constructive relationship build upon over recent years patience diligence perseverance invested readily available asset reached out utilized instantly benefiting many lives brilliantly said aphorism by legendary American scientist inventor Thomas Edison “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” So never give up!

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