Kicking the Gluten: Investigating If Kix Cereal Contains Gluten

If you're anything like me, then you've probably heard about gluten being bad for you but have no idea what it is. Does anyone really know? All we know is that we should avoid it at all costs. It's one of those things that has become so popular to hate on; just like Nickelback or pineapple on pizza - which by the way is delicious.

Kicking the Gluten: Investigating If Kix Cereal Contains Gluten

But in all seriousness, when a friend asked me "Does Kix cereal contain gluten?", I had no clue. So naturally, my investigative side came out and I decided to dig deeper into this question.

What Is Gluten Exactly?

Before diving into whether or not Kix cereal contains gluten, let's first understand what gluten actually is. According to Mayo Clinic(there goes my 'no sources' rule), gluten is a protein found predominantly in wheat and related grains such as barley and rye. When mixed with water, this protein forms strands that give dough its elasticity allowing bread to rise when baked.

However, some people are intolerant or allergic to gluten leading them to exhibit symptoms like bloating,gastrointestinal problems etc., Therefore they (should) choose food products without gluten.

Does Kix Contain Gluten?

Now coming back to our beloved childhood breakfast cereal.Kix might take us back down memory lane but does it contain any traces of horrendous GLUTEN ?

According To The Official website of general mills(the company who makes kix), their cereals including kix contain less than 20 parts per million(parts per million(ppm)is a unit representing small numbers,it indicates how many molecules of the ingredient can be found in one order of magnitude more grams).This means they fall under FDA guidelines for labeling foods “gluten-free,” even though ingredients may still contain trace Yes,Kix is safe for people with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. 

Other General Mills Cereals That Are Gluten-Free

Kix isn’t the only cereal in General Mill’s repertoire that falls under FDA guidelines for “gluten-free.” Here are a few other cereals you can devour worry-free:

  1. Cheerios
  2. Lucky Charms
  3. Chex
  4. Trix

These colorful, crunchy bites will make both your taste buds and stomach happy.

Going Gluten-Free: A Fashion Or Necessity?

While many people have opted to go gluten-free because of its apparent health benefits, it's important to keep one thing in mind: unless you specifically have a diagnosis from your doctor indicating that you should avoid gluten - there is no need to switch up your diet completely.The whole trend actually even has its term- ‘’gluten free fashion’’.

In fact,studies show that going gluten-free without good reason could potentially limit access to nutrients like fiber and vitamin B12 which fortifies the cells throughout our body.Illogically thought,increase carbs and sugar consumption as well.So cutting out food groups on account of fleeting trends could leave potential physiological effects such as nutrient deficiencies .

According To Ara DerMarderosian ,Ph.D., Pharmacology Department in UofSC(there we go again), "In simplest terms, consumers who do not require elimination of wheat products from their diets may experience undesirable outcomes if they follow this advice," he further added” This includes weight gain resulting from higher carbohydrate intake; not attaining required amounts protein,vitamins,minerals".

It's better to assess what works best for our own bodies rather than blindly following every fad diet imagined by Instagram influencers.

The Verdict On Kix Cereal

So yes! Kick off those sneakers (or chappals/sandals/loafers) while enjoying some delicious bite-sized Kix cereal since it does not contain gluten above the FDA threshold.There is no reason to worry about any stealthy hidden gluten in your bowl.

But remember, going gluten-free is a personal choice, and nothing else.All said and done.

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