Leaking Amniotic Fluid? Here’s What You Need to Do!

Are you pregnant and feeling like a leaky faucet/waitress/oil barrel/colander/champagne bottle/broken dam with amniotic fluid?! Well, no worries because we got your back! Here is what you need to do when you suspect that your amniotic sac has sprung a leak.

Leaking Amniotic Fluid? Here

Take It Easy

First things first, mama. You need to get off those feet and lie down on your side. The reason why? Gravity can actually make the leaking worse if it's coming from high up in the uterus.

Now, don't freak out just yet! This isn't an emergency situation unless you're nearing full-term or experiencing other symptoms like fever, chills or contractions. Instead of panicking that junior is coming early unannounced --

Use Your Composure And Call Your OB-GYN

Call your doctor immediately so she can check whether it is indeed amniotic fluid leaving your body or maybe urine (hey pregnancy does some weird stuff down there). Trust me; nobody wants a UTI mixed with premature labor.

Your doctor should give clear instructions based on her findings: whether to go straight into hospital for monitoring & delivery preparation; stay put until contractions come by; continue normal routine alongside some extra attention at home -- everybody’s case differs but always err on the safe side of caution.

Do whatever(!) they say but Be sure not to use tampons/be sexually active/use insertable products until further notice since doing so may increase risk of infection before baby arrives safely.

Assess Quantity, Color & Smell Of Leakage

Thereafter-- have quick look-see at the leakage itself as this will give healthcare practitioners an idea of flow rate/volume (yes friends would also love do it humorously).

The best way identify this - cold hard facts. And by that we mean the 3 Cs!

  1. Quantity: Keep track of (in a fun little chart if you’d like to make it more exciting) how much fluid is leaking- using any safe container you deem fit e.g. measuring cup/bowls. This will provide crucial information on whether there's been a surge in flow or not.

  2. Color: The color of the amniotic fluid can indicate certain factors including potential signs of infection; presence meconium etc.: what skin tone variation would be appropriate here haha? Interrogate your leakage’s hue and document for instance, “lemonade yellow” or “strawberry red,”

  3. Smell: Generally speaking, amniotic fluid is sterile, but things could have morphed since then! A fish-like scent may indicate an infection originating from within.

It’s imperative all this info be conveyed to medical staff as they diagnose/plan next steps with up-to-date insights to boot

Pack Your Bags

Wondering where the baby should sleep when leaving hospital -in normal cases- doctors recommend back-sleeping in a crib that has no bumper pads/pillows/blankets at first sight. Back to packing – time spent shuffling around fabrics/worrying about forgetting versus grabbing extraneous items now increases risk of exponentially making situation worse i.e., delivering outside hospital due lack readiness.

One less thing to look anxious over -- go ahead pack(like yesterday!) once determination likely made & transportation secure!


Listen, pregnancy already comes with its fair share of stress nausea, fatigue and emotions without adding worry about leaky sacs! But staying calm yet aware are exactly what sets ladies apart 💁during child-bearing mama men want birthing heroines
(are these sexist statements ? 😊), So breathe easy keen mum-to-be!

Remember: ignorance isn’t bliss in this case so time for those to-dos:

-Take it easy and contact your OB-GYN - Assess quantity, color & smell of leakage - Pack that hospital bag.

Now you can wait safe in the knowledge that you are doing everything possible 😌!

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