Legit ways to rock leggings if you’re plus-size!

Are you a plus-size woman who wants to rock your leggings confidently? Well, pull up a chair, grab some popcorn and prepare yourself for this interesting read because we’ve got tips that will transform the way you wear leggings.

No more hiding in baggy sweatpants!

Here are some legit ways you can look fierce while rocking those plus-size leggings:

Embrace High-waist Leggings

We know what you’re thinking: high-waisted pants only make our belly pooch worse.

Hear us out everywhere ladies, when done right, high-waist leggings accentuate your waistline and give an illusion of an hourglass figure. To style it right, tuck in a fashionable top or blouse into the waistband of the legging; alternatively, slip on an oversized jacket.

Color Me Beautiful

Sick of always reaching for black leggings? We understand how important comfort has become but adding color once in a while can also change our outlook about life itself.

Brighten things up with boldly colored-printed new pieces instead of making do with just plain colors. Layer them underneath sheer dresses or tunics for fearless experimenting with different styles.

Remember: A statement-making print is bound to elevate any outfit - think geometric shapes or animal prints which can be found in abundance anywhere now due to their ever-growing popularity as fashion trendsetters.

Accessory Madness!

Accessorizing is key and should never be overlooked no matter what your size is. My mom always used to say ‘The right accessory adds personality.’ Accessories include all kinds of jewelry like necklaces that complement V-neck tops with long chains that elongate one’s torso outline furthermore increasing proportions where needed. Add ankle boots under ponchos creating visual curves line without needing heels unless being completely fancy and daring on special occasions (heels are optional).

Longline Tops for Comfy Days

Layering isn’t just about warmth, it’s also a terrific way to add layers of depth and interest to any outfit. But if you’re tired of constantly feeling exposed in leggings or dresses with too much silhouette detail then longline tops that drape gracefully upon your curves will do the trick.

Pair with accessories such as oversized shades and statement belts - yes belts can be made inclusive! This is perfect when wanting to feel extra comfortable on those lazy dress-down days but aim at adding an extra layer keeping style intact even while curling up with blankets or sitting by the fireplace with family for cozy bonding experiences together wearing cuddly, warm knits!

Winter Vibes

When winter hits so does numerous options one has for new styling opportunities. Remember Karen? She always used to say ”Winter fashion rocks”.

Leggings are not only good enough for just gym wear during chilly months, instead bring them into everyday outfits through stylish pairings like layered insulated jackets, scarves (fur ones being exclusive) & knee-high boots should make their appearance likewise reindeer antlers and equally trendy beanies offering comfort and fun all round come snowfall time.

Psst… Did someone say Sherpa jackets?!

‘The Devil Wears Prada’ Reference- Bold Patterns

We know that monochrome staples have become increasingly popular due its versatility but nothing beats bold prints when done correctly. Opt for paisley patterns paired with leather flats – talk about chic sophistication at work without sacrificing comfort. You could even go further as going leopard spotting whilst rocking kimonos over your found printed leggings creating powerful statements everywhere you go.

Remember no matter what life throws our way we need to keep moving forward whilst following timeless fashion rules:

“Less is more” = NEVER use anything OTT (over-the-top). Keep jewellery minimum even if you are going bold.

“Wear your size” = NEVER attempt wearing undersized clothes. Or too much oversized ones. Aim for the perfect fit according to YOU!

We hope that with all these tips, plus-size women can finally wear leggings with confidence and feel attractive without denying themselves of letting their unique personal styles shine through. So get ready to rock those funky prints because a new day in fashion fun just began!

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