Magnet Ball Mishap: What Happens if You Swallow?

Are you curious about what happens when you swallow a magnet ball? Well, look no further because we've got your back.

Magnet Ball Mishap: What Happens if You Swallow?

Swallowing anything that is not intended for consumption can be dangerous, and magnet balls are no exception. In this article, we'll explore what happens when you swallow a magnet ball and everything in between.

What are Magnet Balls?

Magnet balls also known as magnetic beads or buckyballs are small spherical magnets made out of neodymium iron boron (NdFeB). They come in different sizes, colors, and quantity but typically range from 2 to 12 millimeters in diameter. If you're wondering why anyone would want to play with magnets as toys', it's because they can use them for construction purposes and create fascinating structures using their imagination.

However all fun pauses the moment the little demons go into someone’s mouth accidentally. Here’s where things get serious.’

The Hazards of Swallowing Magnet Balls

Swallowing a spare button is harmless - even finding paper clips mangled together has become somewhat normal among people who absentmindedly put stuff in their mouths. Magnets might give some kids pull-sliding type joy, but these magnet balls had sparked an alarming trend since bursting on toy shelves; Over the last couple of years more than ten children have been hospitalized after ingesting multiple magnetic balls whereas approximately four cases were brought forward annually earlier to that.

When swallowed individually, magnets cause no harm unless breakage within the digestive system occurs which may lead to difficulty while having bowel movements.' However harder metals such as pennies or heavier items will still naturally pass right through your GI tract although larger objects may take longer time.' Still safe unlike our guest star today – Magnets

But when more than one magnet ball image sticks together inside one part of gut(sometimes if level and close), the power of their magnetic attraction can create a blockage. That’s where trouble starts

The Symptoms

Here's how it goes when things go awry- Symptoms will include abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting, bloating sensation and also fever.

You should not take these signs lightly because they signal that there has been a stoppage in your intestine which is a serious matter.

When magnets cling together across the intestinal walls: one side of your small intestine gathers while the other part pulls (kinda like puckering after kissing someone); However sometimes as magnet balls are clutching on one end you might feel better temporarily until another ball jumps onto the stagnant ones making it agitated again.

What to Do

If you're experiencing any symptoms closer to what is being shared above – kindly do visit an emergency department soon – please don’t try anything adventurous before this! Trying laxatives at home may seem tempting but actually makes things far worse putting you through more pain'

However, best way to avoid all such unfortunate happenings is by keeping children away from unsafe toys that resemble choking hazards according to US Consumer Product Safety Commission warnings. No toy was ever worth risking life for anyway

Remember "prevention is always better than cure"!

Treatment Options

But let's say prevention was failed- what happens next?

Doctors would usually carry out X-rays or ultrasounds since most magnetic objecs are visible via radiographs; They want to hunt down the location of said balls within gut'.

Then comes deconstructive processes so that each ball gets removed properly - without damage - this requires long thin tubes passed through various mouth gory parts': Catheters enter throuhg rectum eventually pulling items stuck with help of devices like endoscopes.'

This procedure often takes hours hence best option continues avoiding swallowing them / opting for safe alternatives instead.

Pro tips mentioned here are for strictly informational and education purposes only. Please consult with your doctor regarding any potential health issues before starting new treatment, diagnoses or medication'


In conclusion, swallowing a magnet ball can lead to severe complications if not treated in time. Remember" prevention is always better than cure" be sure that the item you're ingesting is safe for consumption.

We hope this article has been informative enough you - so please make sure it's buried deep within all other information flowing here!

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