Master the Art: Faking a Stomach Ache to Doctor

We've all been there. You wake up on a Monday morning, groggy and dreading the day ahead. Maybe you don't have any pressing engagements or deadlines at work, but your brain just won't cooperate with you - it feels like molasses.

Master the Art: Faking a Stomach Ache to Doctor

Perhaps you're feeling particularly lazy today / this week, and even walking from your bed to the bathroom seems like too much effort. Or maybe there's some important meeting coming up that has your stomach in knots.

Whatever the case may be, sometimes you just need an excuse to take some time off for yourself. Why not fake a stomach ache? Here are some tips on how to do it convincingly:

Step 1: Determine When To Play Sick

First things first- timing is critical! Don't pick a day when there's nothing going on at work; choose one with plenty of activities scheduled so that people will want to avoid being around anyone who could make them sick.

Make sure that whatever tasks or responsibilities you have can either be rescheduled or taken over by someone else if necessary in case anyone needs proof of why they should stay away/offer their help while resting since many people wouldn’t come near someone who looks or sounds unwell as they fear catching something themselves.

Step 2: Act The Part

Once you’ve determined when to play sick next is acting the part convincingly – This means frowning more than usual throughout conversations (even shorter ones), rubbing parts of stomach,wearing pajamas all day long etc.

It’s very important during movie-style ailments where one seemingly ill person accidently hit/hurt his/her body had significant physical signs showing it happened naturally e.g cringing every step taken ,holding hurt areas.

Another factor here would also involve adding sound effects such as gasps and groans for emphasis which only contribute to the authenticity of your ailment.

Step 3: Appearance Matters

Appearance also matters while faking a stomach ache. Some major things you need to consider putting on before resorting to laying in bed all day pretending that someone poisoned their food with arsenic:

  • Look pale; It's a good indicator for sickness and will make everyone concerned about you (If whilst trying this out, it comes too easily-consult doctor immediately)

Believe me or not/too many people use ‘looking tired’ as an excuse to miss events at work,so take this chance.

  • Dress appropriately; You should be dressed in comfortable yet casual clothes such as sweatpants and a hoodie.Described by medical professionals worldwide-The Comfiest Outfit Possible

However,don't carry it too far like adding blankets even when the temperature is warm/hot ,it isn’t logical.

In general,it shouldn’t look too staged but rather natural,in keeping with how people may really appear physically ill.

Step 4: Be Consistent With Your Story

When convincing others that you're sick, especially if its coworkers/your boss,the initial reaction one would likely get is doubt,a sharp questioning gaze aiming directly at them .As soon as they suspect any lie whatsoever,the hope of getting sympathy goes up in smoke /access denied.Thus Consistency plays an important role!

Conversely,rather than saying various different odd stories every other second,every now and again repeating certain symptoms makes the condition more believable.This amongst other reasons serve well,since most of us do know from experience how sick leaves sound quizzical.

(Pause And Exhale)

Since I’m speaking hypothetically,

This two-part article has generally covered ways(master plans actually)in which individuals can cleverly feign being unwell to create time/space/much needed snooze without arousing suspicion within professional settings.However,before undertaking such an endeavour,some key factors need to be considered:

Take It Easy On The Lies

While most of us are aware that lying is wrong in all situations and anybody can get caught but I’ll say the truth anyway, having some vague semblance of a stomach ache is not really that drastic.

However,this intentionally crafted situation can easily spiral out of control when you begin telling lies about everything from your medication doses(even though nothing was issued)/ any substances consumed before-thus raising questions on employee integrity afterwards .

This could lead to mistrust between employees moving forward with other co-workers even outside work

Even if you have good intentions,it's advised coming clean later down the line once fully rested if questioned about it/ for peace-of-mind

Final Thoughts

In conclusion,faking a stomach ache has been around since grade school days.

Now regarded as something like high-risk poker game(you either win by getting much-needed rest or lose respect after getting caught),it’s still a surefire way to get time off and allow people recharge their batteries (Not advisable at critical junctures during one’s career,hence keep exercise note in mind)

It must be noted however,that use these tips responsibly;don't try faking injuries too dramatically just because you want free time.Share this article with someone who may benefit!

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