Mastering the Art of Assembling Dr. Brown’s Bottles

Are you tired of your bottles leaking all over your clothes? Frustrated with trying to assemble Dr. Brown's bottles on the fly while calming down a screaming, hungry infant at 3 in the morning? Well, look no further! In this article, we will guide you through mastering the art of assembling these notorious yet life-saving baby bottles.

Mastering the Art of Assembling Dr. Brown

First things first: Gather Your Items

Before beginning our journey into bottle assembly perfection, make sure you have gathered all necessary items:

  • One (1) Dr. Brown's Bottle Base and Collar
  • One (1) Vent Insert Pipe/Straw Thingy
  • Two (2) White Silicone Washers
  • One (1) Blue Anti-Colic Valve
  • One (1) Wide Mouth Nipple
  • Milk or Formula

Now that we have everything we need let's dive right in!

Step-by-step Guide to Assembling Dr. Brown’s Bottles

Step 1: Ready Your Supplies

Ensure a clean and proper working area free from distractions is prepped for bottle assembly.

Step 2: Place The Washers On The Stem Screw Of The Base And Alongside It.

Be careful not to damage them during installation as they play a critical role in reducing leaks.

Pro Tip: If the washers get lost during cleaning session don't panic; replacements can be bought online or found bouncing gleefully around under couch cushions.

Step 3: Attach Blue Anti-Colic Valve To Straw And Insert Into Bottle Neck

Insert blue anti-colic valve into straw by pressing firmly until it snaps into place. Ensure straw is fully inserted into hood before tightly attaching collar with silicone washer onto base stem screw so air vent lines up with vent hole near bottom edge of base.

Pro-Tip: Make sure that valve is inserted securely or prepare for a milk-carnage, liquids everywhere scenario.

Step 4: Add Nipple to Bottle Cap

Gently unscrew the top of the hood and insert nipple onto rim opening until it holds tightly in place.

Pro-Tip: When inserting nipple ensure that doesn't have any obstruction as sometimes new nipples can come clogged with trapped liquid. A clean needle can be used to clear any blockages detected.

Step 5: Fill With Milk/Formula

Pour required amount of milk/formula through neck into bottle. Leave at least an inch of space between formula/milk level and collar.

Pro-Tip: If you fill it all the way up don’t expect anything less than making Dr.Brown proud after watching your messy showcase!


Congratulations on your successful completion of assembling a functional Dr. Brown's baby bottle! The process may seem like rocket science initially but with some patience, perseverance and tying shoelaces magic tricks one will master assembling these bottles in no time.

Remember always practice caution by thoroughly sanitizing parts before each use; Your little one is counting on you (No Pressure)!

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