Mastering the Fishtail: Your Ultimate Self Styling Guide

Are you tired of always wearing the same old ponytail or bun? Do you want to switch up your hairstyle game and become a true #hairgoals icon? Look no further! With this ultimate self styling guide, we'll teach you everything there is to know about mastering the fishtail braid.

Mastering the Fishtail: Your Ultimate Self Styling Guide

What is a Fishtail Braid?

Before diving into how to master it, let's first understand what a fishtail braid really is. A fishtail braid (also known as herringbone braid) is a type of braiding technique that involves intertwining two sections of hair together, each section consisting of half the amount of hair compared to traditional three-strand braids. When done correctly, the result looks like an intricate woven pattern resembling that of a fish's tail hence its name.

If you're still confused about what it should look like, hands off google right now and imagine this- imagine yourself catching mermaids with your brand-new fishing net (made out from unicorn hairs), then boom! You noticed one caught on your fingers -what do you do when you see them struggle in line before throwing them back? That twisted thing they do at their end(that would be awful though but..) THAT'S YOUR BRAND NEW HAIRSTYLE!

The Preparation

First things first. Rome was not built-in-a-day neither will our masterpiece hairstyle come overnight without adequate preparation. To achieve success with rockin' this style:

  1. Make sure your hair strands are at least shoulder length for maximum effect.
  2. Brush/comb out any tangles because wet knots won't work fabulous.
  3. Section out/create equal parts from where it drops past 4cm behind ear/s; depends on preference/how long/wide/finer/coarse/light etc -to create symmetry.
  4. Make sure you have sufficient hair elastics as they will come in handy throughout the process( 2-3 pieces of elastic).

How to Master the Fishtail Braid

Now, let’s start with a step-by-step guide on how to master those fishtail braids.

Step One: Divide Hair into Two Sections

Divide your hair into two equal parts straight down the centerline from forehead to neck base e.g (use clip).

Tip: choose which direction you want your braid to sit.

Step Two: Hold and Separate

Hold one section and separate it into two smaller sections (use hands not teeth). Ensure both subsections are equal

Warning: If any hairstyle video tells you to use your teeth at any point just take that as a signal for cancellation because honey, our mothers told us that's undignified.

Step Three: Cross Strands Over

Cross over a thin strand of hair from one section towards its opposite side - join it together underneath initial across/continue pattern till end

Note: You'll always be feeding strands between sections of opposite sides starting each time from where there is only one piece crossing over!

To help keep things clear in understanding what goes next remember "right under left/left under right" or vice versa through-out braiding sequence. With this technique, an illusion is created giving off a sleek woven fitting look we all admire so much; but again if you get lost during the process take deep breaths and begin afresh until restored hence avoiding regret after seeing completed work especially when social media groups become unbelievably judgmental about every single thing posted online.

Step Four:

Keep gently following up alternatingly on either side of head creating rows gathered tightly yet loosely; ensure fervently getting hold by separating locks while continuing transversely looping while teasing out knots seen wrinkled thus worsening appearance. The way it is tightened and loosened gives the pattern a depth allowing it to seem complex.

Step Five: Secure with Elastic Band

Once you get near the end, secure your braid with an elastic band/hair tie that matches your hair color/ or in rainbow colors if you own them. Leave some couple of inches undone for later process(3-7cm).

Ways to Rock Your Fishtail Braid Like A Boss

Now that you've successfully completed making your fishtail braid, let's talk about different ways on how to rock it like a boss.

1.Wear It Low

High ponytails or pinning the ends under each other are not hip anymore especially when trying out something new! Wearing your fishtail braids low at the nape of neck makes everyone's head turn as they see views from front or behind -breath-taking guaranteed!

2.Accessorize It

If sophisticated looks aren't where we want to go then having bows, metallic wire accessories/gold bands can offer glam while colorful scrunchies work wonders showing liveliness daily either way there would be no damages done.

Note: Remember not all products mix well so one should use healthy judgment on choice!

3.Make It Messy

A classic trend when going through those adventurous phases will always be doing everything possible just before hearing those words 'you're too old' repeatedly until regret kicks in later; hence why don't we try messing up our style? Tug along strands for volume after securing band vertically down stem others asymmetrical causing a vibe giving off rebel composure validating being completely flexible (only here people; don’t trust me enough half-hearted wink!)

4.Twin Up Subtle Elements

What better way I say than creating staggering balance within ourselves by twinning up subtle elements- (could be headbands, earrings, necklace) with a color mix to match providing serious envy for many!

5.Utilize a Comb

Take a comb while braiding (those miniature ones work best) using the pointy end to separate hairs which may become uneven and all over - this helps produce expected outcomes.

In Conclusion

There you have it- our ultimate self-styling guide on mastering fishtail braids. With the right preparation followed by steps provided above and more importantly willingness to learn/make mistakes during process! The results can go far beyond expectations turning heads; keeping in mind there are hundreds of traditional methods out there. So why not stop waiting? Try something fun off-the-books choose fishtail braid today May stars cross as we launch forth into exploring more hairstyles soon!

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