Mastering Your Fertility: Tips for Accurate Basal Body Temperature

If you're trying to conceive like a jackrabbit, the accuracy of your basal body temperature (BBT) readings and awareness of your fertility signs are critical. No need to be a rocket scientist or read tea leaves because we'll give you some tips and tricks to master those dribs and drabs!

Mastering Your Fertility: Tips for Accurate Basal Body Temperature

What is basal body temperature?

At its core, basal body temperature (BBT) is the lowest body temperature in 24 hours that's achieved during resting conditions – AKA when your body is completely at rest. The BBT can vary from person to person but normally ranges between 97-99°F.

Why does tracking BBT matter?

Tracking BBT matters for many women who want to get pregnant as it helps them understand their ovulation time frames by analyzing shifts in temperature patterns over several months. Consequently, understanding such time frames will help increase their chances of success!

Tip #1: Get yourself an accurate thermometer

An old wives' tale suggests sticking our thermometers under our armpits rather than orifices. However, if you want precision nothing beats vaginally inserted digital thermometers with 2 decimal precision.

Tip #2: Stick to a routine daily

You are not Joe Black; therefore, good habits structure our day-to-day life! Ensure measuring your lowest resting state every morning at the same time using digital means after sleeping uninterrupted for four consecutive hours! Yes yes - commit even on weekends!

Tip #3: Stay consistent when taking measurements

Do ensure keeping track by jotting all measured readings down immediately after winging out baymax (Forgets things sometimes 🙁) off bed.

Example Table

Date Time BBTA
Oct 5 6:30am 98.63
Oct 6 6:30am 98.73

Tip #4: Chart your BBT

Charting your temperature is the best way to spot trends and patterns in fluctuations over time. This will aid you in discovering when ovulation occurs and identify shape-changes of pregnancy tests.

Tip #5: Learn more about tracking ovulation!

BBT tracking, such as cervical mucus monitoring, or using an ovulation predictor kit, can provide a complete picture of your fertility health for better odds of getting pregnant!


Tracking basal body temperature is no rocket science but it does require consistency and accuracy for optimal results. Luckily, with these tips we've given you – whooppee! - the chances are that mastering YOUR fertility should be easy-peasy even if baby-making isn't.

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