Morning Sickness Mess: Can it Trigger Diarrhea?

If you are a new mom-to-be, congratulations on the bundle of joy that's cooking in your oven! Unfortunately, morning sickness can be an inevitable part of pregnancy. With all the hormones and changes occurring in your body, it's no wonder our stomachs sometimes have a mind of their own. But what happens when this nausea extends beyond just feeling queasy and transforms into full blown diarrhea? Well reader, sit down with some ginger ale because we're about to delve into the ahem dirtiest question.

Morning Sickness Mess: Can it Trigger Diarrhea?

The Stomach Smash-Up

First off- let's break down why nausea may translate into a less than pleasant bathroom experience. When we undergo extreme bouts of vomiting or diarrhea (or even both at once), we're effectively "smashing up" everything in our stomach so swiftly that there isn't time for proper absorption.

These removed substances are mostly made up of excessive bile salts from emesis or excess water from diarrheic stools which could result in electrolyte imbalances or dehydration. Even things you've eaten and proteins being digested become nothing more than flying projectiles heading straight towards your toilet bowl as soon as whichever sphincter refuses to hold them back gives way.

Think about how usually after drinking one too many cups of coffee without food consumed might make you feel sick afterwards; then take that sensation but multiply the intensity tenfold! Or alternatively like pouring hot oil through an already small funnel - it doesn't end well!

Nausea & Bowels Connection

We now recognize why morning sickness often involves bowels but here is where things get messy: according to experts women who report suffering from ‘morning sickness’ during early pregnancy were 4 times more likely to suffer abdominal pain, bloating and frequent bowel movements than those who didn’t report such symptoms. Also note important information suggesting around 32.2% of pregnant women who experience morning sickness may also have diarrhea as an additional symptom.

yep, you heard that right: if your stomach is already not happy to begin with then it's highly likely that your bowels won't be either.

However, nausea does not always cause diarrhea but these feelings share some similar triggers- including hormones and the nervous system. Some individuals might not necessarily experience any form of bowel discomfort whereas others can only wait impatiently for their discomfort to eventually pass over time.

Hormonal Changes

Let’s talk about pregnancy-related hormonal changes since will gain a better understanding of how they could lead to both vomiting and unpleasant toilet interruptions. Specifically we're looking at 1 particular hormone - progesterone (it's sounding all sciency now!)

Progesterone helps your body relax muscles in preparation for delivering a baby; however, it relaxes muscle everywhere – yep even those responsible for sending digested food through the intestines at a normal pace. An increase in this key mood-changing hormone tends have sleep-inducing properties which results in making certain functions slow leading to constipation or diarrheic situations where brain-gut coordination is impaired

So whilst nausea is caused by high levels of beta-human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) during pregnancy, progesterone seems keen on upping our chances on dealing with Diarrhea along with morning sickness

In other words think about what happens when peak traffic hours jam roads..yeah everything moves s l o w e r ....even flow traffic inside human body!

A Sensitive Stomach

Another link between morning sickness & explosive trips down porcelain lane comes from the realization that being intimately familiar with heightened sensitivity equals increased likelihoods towards gagging us out or messing around with dignity - let alone day-to-day routines

These symptoms are due to gastroesophageal reflux disease , often abbreviated as GERD, because having a delicate stomach lining that varies from person to person means foods that normally wouldn't cause any sort of eruption might just end up doing so. Especially during early pregnancy where everything could be "new" for the pregnant lady

I mean really what isn’t high risk when it comes to pregnancy? Even splashing lemonade on pristine clothes sounds like creating bathroom tornadoes- That’s nature for you!

So think of your stomach as being overcautious instead of under both or even in some cases misbehaving (Yes your own bodily organs could betray us) resulting in responding much more strongly towards anything taken internally be it food, drugs or more exotic tastes which triggers bowel irritation leading to unpleasantness..

The Bottom Line

When all's said and done, yes morning sickness can trigger diarrhea. It's not an unusual association afterall since higher levels progesterone hormone amongst other factors mess around with smooth process functionality down there causing unpalatable experiences

It’s important though understand each case is different from another - some people recover quickly whilst others aren't as fortunate. Regardless if this situation arises and persists please seek a professional who can advise accordingly avoiding home remedies involving coffee enemas – yikes!

In short let time nurse our physiologies into getting back on track dragging ourselves firmly together along cleaner finishes due to their complexity -yet how interesting they are too!

Let's wish those mommas-to-be well, hopefully going through roughly less than half the trouble described herein.

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