Nailed It: Can Pregnant Women Wear Nail Polish?

Nailed It: Can Pregnant Women Wear Nail Polish?

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in every woman's life. But, it also comes with its share of doubts and apprehensions. Apart from food restrictions, wardrobe choices, and health concerns, pregnant women have always been cautioned against using skin care products that may harm the fetus.

One such product is nail polish. While some believe that wearing nail polish during pregnancy is harmful to the baby, others argue that there are no adverse effects at all.

In this article, we examine whether or not pregnant women can wear nail polish confidently without worrying about any negative implications on their unborn child.

What Do The Experts Say?

Before diving into the answer to this question, let's see what experts say about prenatal exposure to chemicals found in everyday products like cosmetics, cleaning agents etc.

According to American Pregnancy Association (APA), our skin easily absorbs chemicals which then enter our bloodstream and make their way through various organs including placenta if they are toxic enough. This means that by applying chemicals onto our bodies like lotions, makeup or even hair dye; we expose ourselves as wellas developing fetus/baby to them too. The APA observes that these exposures could potentially affect fetal growth & development.

Now coming back specifically towards whether using nail polish during pregnancy is safe for your body, many studies conducted around the same time suggest otherwise due its formaldehyde content

Formaldehyde helps prevent bacteria from growing in nail polishes after they're opened - but inhaling it has long been linked to cancer.[^1] The danger posed by inhaling fumes when painting nails causes serious respiratory problems ranging from scratchy throat upsurge coughing wheezing nasal irritation mental confusion nausea among others

It was recommended for manufacturers stop putting Formaldehyde acetone which commonly appears most popular brands These caused chronic exposure accumulate very quickly leading dangerous situations allergic responses irritations reactions other problems.

Risks From Nail Polish

While most nail polishes contain toluene, formaldehyde, and phthalates as their three key ingredients. Toulene is a known sevre poisoning of nervous systen , Formaldehyde causes respiratory problems including cancers and allergies. Phthalate are disruupive agent exposure resulting in decreasing testosterone infertility re productive damage if the exposuse increased

Some variants today claim that they are devoid of these harmful substances, however it's important for pregnant women to be subtle with use over what exactly goes onto nails.

So if you choose to wear nail polish while pregnant, please do remember that fumes released from applies on them could ultimately harm both mother baby so strongly advised avoid all together!

That sounds pretty difficult,and also implies depriving oneself one across simple pleasures such as nail art manicures etc throughout pregnancy period due fear risking possible danger harmful These days few products safe option which explore satisfy urge give colors change moment but without comprising safety standards month.

Alternatives To Traditional Nail Polishes

Most major brands have started offering 3-free or 5-free formulas, meaning that they're free of some or all of the potentially dangerous chemicals mentioned above. Moreover alternated including natural DIY recipes like avoiding acetone-based polish removers using Acrylic gels tends safer than normal coats best available options!

Ingredient Checklist

To make sure your preferred alternative is truly safe for use during pregnancy, here are three things you should check off before applying anything onto Your nails:

  • Styrene-Acrylates Copolymer & EthylAcetate: These ingredients replace Elastomers Resins (found in traditional polishes) which release benzene compound into body upon inhalation causing anxiety migraines etc hence being replaced by other colouring agents safe airways

  • Natural Substances: Look out for natural alternatives rich amino acids,vitamins,some metallic powder . these not only lend nails with natural shine, they also nourish Peptides and some essential oils extracting sources like vegetable power plants fruits

Best Nail Polish Brands For Pregnant Women

If you're feeling at a dead-end while looking for the right nail polish brand that is safe to wear during pregnancy!, have no fear! Here are the top three brands that offer polishes without trio of harmful chemicals recommendable options.

  • Zoya: known as “big10-free”are significantly more preferable variety vibrant shades long-lasting application over traditional ones soft glitters matte finishes too.

  • Butter London: another well-known name in this space both their clear as well lacquer products come completely 8-free

  • Piggy Paint: A popular option amongst new moms and pregnant women swear by its water-based formula free harsh fragrances quality high just applying regular bottle every few days!

Tips On Using Non-Toxic Nail Polishes While Pregnant

If you're ready to embark on a non-toxic journey towards painting your nails again, there are still several ways in which you can ensure maximum safety measures:

  1. Pick A Safe Spot :Deciding best place apply keeping ventilation mind sick or weakens surroundings

  2. Plan Your Day Ahead: Make sure time slot chosen physically comfortable period See will frustrating try bending contorting getting rid smudges cause nausea fatigue whatever planning

3.Evenly Control Brush Movements: regulate pace brush according fluid movements use thin layers keep drying track

4.Limit The Number Of Coats Used In Single Sitting be tempted layer coat after coat until desired colour saturation achieved but remember less means better .

5.Go AuNaturel.Sometimes bare understated look may enhance beautiful glow yet require fuss.

6.Remove Thoroughly:.Removal using acetone pose harm particularly if skin broken scraped odds being exposed increase thoroughly based alcohol remover used.Leaving traces skin surface beyond week result irritation infection exacerbate pushing pedicure treatments several weeks.

In conclusion, pregnant women have the option to use nail polish brands that are free of dangerous Trio,Tri-Benzene along with other cheaper options like available either online or drug stores but important consider quality composition before purchasing. Although wearing it polishes might seem harmless practice during pregnancy,it is essential brief oneself dangers commonly found products and always take necessary precautions engage activities requiring them!

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