Naming My Baby Girl: The Search for the Perfect Name

As a soon-to-be mother, there is nothing more exciting than picking out names. After all, it's one of the few things that you get to name on your own without compromise - well except maybe for your family and friends giving their two cents in, but let's not go there.

Naming My Baby Girl: The Search for the Perfect Name

I was so excited to start brainstorming names for my baby girl; however, little did I know how much time and effort would be put into choosing "the one". Here are some highlights of my journey:

Pre-Search Phase: Getting our Expectations High

Before diving right into researching names meaning or top baby girl names in 2021 (according to you-know-whos website) , my husband and I spent hours talking about what kind of name we wanted for our daughter.

We talked about everything from trendy or classic names to unique ones with creative spellings (Sorry Khaleesi fans). We even considered deciding through a coin flip (which clearly wouldn't work), but ultimately settled on hoping inspiration struck us someday.

Beginning The Hunt: Endless Brainstorms

We started working down our list of potential girls' firsts at dinner parties; every conversation seemed enlivened by a new thought regarding the perfect pick though none matched what we had imagined as excellent matches. Every day came with fresh ideas that were too ordinary while others felt impossible trying only after scrupulous research doubt emerged if they could carry meanings worth naming her after until coming up against yourself over again.

In frustration over exhausting lists best forgotten because why give ourselves successful harassment when everything lacks originality and cachet? ("Seriously right?" - said Husband)

On that note began browsing through baby-naming inspired websites for inspirations like werethey really considerable alternatives?

Here's an idea breakdown ⭐️????????:

  • Alphabetizing potential girl's first names (A-Z)
  • Trying synonyms and meanings for first attempts' too basic rung.
  • Creating a name generator picking out keyboard-smash alphanumeric letters.

As soon as you think you've reached the bottom of the barrel, it can always get weirder or more original. (Never knew Qyzix was an actual baby name)

Narrowing Down: Picking Our Favourites

After hours of research through different realms in our mission to find "the one," we finally came across some favourites that we both loved:

  1. Amara - This means "grace or bitter" and has African/Italian background emotion
  2. Lila - A trendsetting but also classic choice meaning, actually wait what (Googling it now...)
  3. Freya - Nordic origins meaning, Goddess of love and fertility...oh boy(Praying she never googles this)

Each had their display of complexity matched with elegance, making them stand out amongst various baby name lists we'd researched earlier—positive feedback from family sealed the deal.

Choosing The Actual Name

Once it was whittled down to these few options (which took way longer than anticipated), I spent countless activities envisioning calling her by each name while sipping on tea ☕️ even acting like they were there when sometimes cooly texting hubby saying something along lines;

"Hey so btw just thinking aloud here hearing Brynn echo in my head instead,...Vibes bro vibes"????

Regardless; nothing felt right until eight months pregnant when my husband noticed looking down at his little future kickboxer inside me✨with all wisdom he got (I digress), named her based on a past lifetime connection.'Josephine' sounded safe since Grandma shared its roots carry grace from strong prominent women like Josephine Baker etc.(Let's not talk about why he was thinking of a past life theory, shall we)

Needless to say; that’s how she got named because something just clicked. I suppose after all the back and forth deliberation with different ideas from family opinions and lists—the universe had already aligned hers with ours.

Conclusion: The Journey is Rewarding

In retrospect, it may seem frivolous over-analyzing names searching for meanings & origins but believe me, when you know—it's worth every second.

Having officially decided my baby girl’s name; albeit unconventional (Sorry not sorry?) There really isn't one perfect name out there but everyone seeks some quality specialized details about their bundle of joy that reflects on who they want them to become later in life.

As excited as I am about meeting her face-to-face now knowing what she'll be named; there comes an added sense of connection towards her even while still in the womb somewhat surreal! Mission accomplished✅ and maybe check if your mom can tell some fun stories behind your naming too who knows...????‍♀️

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