Natural Solutions: Fixing Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples? Don't worry, you are not alone. Actually, 10 to 20% of women have this condition. Although it may be a cosmetic and personal concern for some people, the good news is that inverted nipples don't usually indicate any serious medical conditions. If you're looking to fix your nipple inversions (without surgery), this article is for you.

Natural Solutions: Fixing Inverted Nipples

What Are Inverted Nipples?

First things first: what causes inverted nipples? Well, an inverted nipple occurs when the nipple retracts into the breast tissue instead of protruding outward.

So why does this happen? The underlying issue causing an inverted nipple can vary and depends on how deep or severe the inversion goes (seriously - there are three levels):

Level One Inversion

This level means minimal retraction; we're talking barely identifiable without stimulation (think ice-cold water). When stimulated (let's keep it clean here), It will extend like normal.

Level Two Inversion

Moderate-to-deep retraction that requires proper coaxing in order to emerge from hiding.Take note that sometimes these types only respond positively with something cold playfully applied all over them!

Level Three Inversion

Full-on adult invisibility mode – no sign of them appearing even with simulation present! This affects breastfeeding more than anything else since babies need something ample and easily identified!

What Causes These Levels?

There are quite a number of factors affecting each level prehaps due genetics/adulthood/trauma/breastfeeding effects etc.

How To Fix Your Nipple Involution?

For those seeking treatment options for their nipple inversions, there are natural remedies proven effective :

Regular Breast Massage

Trying massaging one at a time after taking hot shower using middle finger touching just below/nearnesearial area while pulling closer fingers together. A soft up-down compressing touch with an extra dollop of your favorite lotion is mandatory as to show the affection they deserve!

Nipple Suckers

No, this isn't what you think it means! This product utilizes mild suction ensuring inversion-free nipples (but who won't be extremely curious and giggly trying them?)

Using Piercing Jewelry

Before going straight, let's discuss lateral solutions too. Using a nipple ring or barbell have been shown successful enough in treating inverted nipples but one must ensure willing to bear pain we're talkin' puncturINNNNNGGGGG!

Cosmetic Tape

Medical-grade adhesive tape may help keep your “little soldiers” looking perky all day long by creating traction that keeps them popping outwards; although its worth noting can be annoying if improperly applied.

Ice It Up!

Maybe just for kicks (or possibly purely for science), try icing those bad boys down followed by massaging/politely pinching at the base thus eliciting spontaneous showing off from parts once afraid staying hidden away (talk about sexual assault ! Allow them freedom!).

Inverted nipples are usually harmless ;however still uncomfortable indeed we therefore suggest trying natural methods , healthy ways without having to resort to surgeries. Although hand massages/jewelry products/piercings/tape/cold temperatures may very well improve inversions; please consult with medical professionals before reversing traits so deeply rooted in nature!

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