Newborn Sleep Tips: Mastering the Art of Co-Sleeping

Are you a new parent who's struggling to get your baby to sleep through the night? Do you find yourself feeling like a zombie during the day due to lack of sleep at night? Fear not, dear reader! You have come to the right place.

Newborn Sleep Tips: Mastering the Art of Co-Sleeping

In this article, we will be discussing co-sleeping and how mastering this art can help both you and your little one get a better night's rest. Now before you start panicking about safety concerns, bear with us. We assure you that when done properly, co-sleeping is perfectly safe for your baby.

Keep reading for some hilarious tips on how to successfully co-sleep with your newborn!

Why Co-Sleep?

First things first - let's understand why co-sleeping is so beneficial.

  • Better bonding: When parents and babies share sleeping space, it creates an opportunity for increased bonding time.
  • Convenience: Rather than getting up multiple times throughout the night to tend to a crying baby in another room, co-sleeping allows parents easy access to their little one.
  • Sleep quality: Babies often feel more secure when they're near their parents which leads them deeper into sleep.

## Setting Up Your Bed For Co-Sleeping

Now that we've established why it's good idea (understatement alert) let’s talk about setting up your bed for masterful infant slumber parties.

Get A Bigger Bed

You may want to consider upgrading from that Twin or Full mattress (yawn) if possible OR there are side-bars available online which can be attached alongside mattresses creating additional space while keeping each crib or child within its own section without having any sort of barrier between (it also prevents rolling).

Get Comfy With The Right Pillows And Blankets

Just because there are more people in the bed, doesn't mean everyone needs their own pillow and blankie - this isn't some suburban HOA that forces separate mailboxes. Good quality body pillows can come in handy for both parents.

Remember to use breathable blankets or sheets to prevent overheating. A good rule of thumb is for your baby's face and head to be uncovered while they're sleeping.

Keep Baby Safe

It's important to ensure that there are no gaps between the mattress and wall or any other objects as well a smooth flat surface without bumps. More importantly, make sure there are absolutely no choking hazards around such as tiny toys or bottle caps - those add up quick when searching after 6 hours of REM cycle sleep-drunken-fumbling-oh-my-god-wheres-their-nose manoeuvers.

Co-Sleeping Positions

Everyone sleeps differently but here are three popular co-sleeping positions:


Lay on your back with your arm above your head like Superman flying through space (well.. kinda). Your baby should lay directly beside you with their cheek resting against your chest.


Lie on one side facing towards each other with your baby sandwiched very tightly between parent’s arms not allowing them room/time/space/yoga-poses/rolling over/ move!

Breastfeeding Hold

While sitting upright give momentum turning like Oprah announces her audience won an ePodcast subscription "You get fed; You Get fed; EVERYBODY GETS FEEEEEED!"

Points To Remember

Well done! You've got everything arranged perfectly now just remember these points at all times:

  • Stay Sober: Given nobody wants granddad Donald taking Lisa out west another unplanned meeting, alcohol consumption before bed during infant stage should always be avoided – it may disturb natural breathing rhythm patterns.
  • Avoid Bouncing Babies: While doable it is not advisable to bounce babies on bed as the prone and supine movements are unpredictable which can lead to accidents – always use a baby rocker or cradle anywhere other than your sleeping environment if required.
  • Watch For Signs: If you have any concerns about how well your little one is adapting to co-sleeping or breathing patterns, check with a paediatrician in order that they help supervise such progress.


In conclusion, co-sleeping offers many benefits for new parents and their newborns alike -more bonding time, deeper sleep ,and better convenience. With our hilarious tips at hand (no need to thank us), you will be able master the art of co-sleeping in no time. Just remember - bigger bed equals less drama; good pillows equals less temptation; safe positions equal hella slumber! Now go forth and snuggle up with y'all little nugget!

Goodnight & sweet dreams!

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