Nighttime Nausea: Why Do I Feel Sick When I Go to Bed?

Do you ever feel nauseous when you lay down for bed? Are you tired of feeling like your body is a ship on rocky waters every night? Fear not! This article will delve into the possible reasons behind nighttime nausea and what actions can be taken to prevent it.

Nighttime Nausea: Why Do I Feel Sick When I Go to Bed?

What is Nighttime Nausea?

Before we begin, let's define what we mean by nighttime nausea. It is the feeling of unease or discomfort in the stomach that occurs primarily at night, often leading to individuals waking up with feelings of sickness (1).

The Physiology Behind Nighttime Nausea

The digestive system slows down during sleep, making it easier for acid reflux to occur. In addition, gastric emptying decreases while insulin sensitivity increases which leads to disturbed glucose levels in our bloodstream (2). Furthermore, lying horizontally puts extra pressure on the esophageal sphincter muscle at the bottom of your esophagus - this may cause acid from your stomach to move upward through the valve towards your throat causing heartburn and nausea (3).

Possible Causes For Feeling Sick When Going To Sleep

There are numerous potential causes that could make an individual experience nighttime nausea:

Acid Reflux - A Common Culprit

Acid reflux happens when there's too much acid present in one's stomach which flows upwards back into their oesophagus or even mouth. This can lead people tossing and turning trying desperately not swallow (and regurgitate) some bile; another symptom associated with this problem includes chest pain too (4).

A Little Sugar Might Be The Cause

Elevated blood sugar levels could cause queasiness as well because they lead directly onto indigestion acids surfacing within our bodies just before bedtime plus these high quantities would increase chances for nocturnal sweats so watch out! (5).

Anxiety - Your Mind Plays Tricks on You

Stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on one's system. When anxious, the body releases hormones that cause reactions in the digestive system. This could possibly result in nausea or vomiting altogether (6).

The Side Effects of Medicine Intake

Have you started a new medication recently? It may be causing some after-effects like making you feel woozy throughout the day and even throwing up at night along with shutting your eyes to sleepiness levels lower than usual (7).

Pregnancy Can Be Beautiful but Awful Sometimes

Pregnant women frequently experience nighttime nausea. Hormonal changes during pregnancy tend to make moms-to-be more prone to acid reflux or having heartburn, which can lead them feeling nauseous as well (8)

Something More Serious

In rare cases, serious medical conditions such as liver disease, pancreatitis or even cancer could cause nausea at bedtime too. If this is something ongoing with no explanation behind it whatsoever – then seeking advice from experienced doctors should be considered ASAP for further investigations into likely causes behind what seems like an elusive/mysterious illness only encountered when trying to catch some shut eye eventually turning our nights into living nightmares!(9)

Tips To Prevent Nighttime Nausea

Here are quick fixes that both short and long-term benefits:

Adjust One’s Diet Accordingly

Changing one’s diet reduces late-night munchies leading one down the path of consuming plenty calories during odd hours leading toward weight gain while also successfully preventing interferences within digestive processes occurring ‘before nightly repose’ - sounds fancy doesn’t it?

One ought not starve themselves; instead opt for nutrient-dense foods full of fiber eg green veggies salad alongside boiled eggs will provide adequate satisfiability later on tonight vs ingesting sugary-laden junk ridden w/ingredients including GMO corn syrup or white flour products tempting one’s taste buds but wreaking havoc on their gut simultaneously.

Monitor Stress Nivels

Stress is a significant contributor to nighttime nausea, as established earlier. It's critical to engage in stress-reducing activities such deep breathing exercises, stretching, meditation and going for evening walks 'peaceful jogs leading up until dark'such ‘delicious’ paradoxes - hilarious!

Perform Tasks At Strategic Times

If there are any duties that spike adrenaline levels such as tackling work-related issues or heartfelt conversations adhere these standards by engaging actively during daytime not pre-bedtime! (10)

Sleeping Habits And The Way Forward

Proper sleeping habits could save us all from feeling uneasy after hitting the sack:

Sleep Position Matters

Lying on one's back can cause stomach acid to flow towards the esophagus while more sleep apnea occurs if individuals have been downing dairy products late at night so why not try something different? After sanitizing your pillows with vaporized rubbing alcohol; next place them onto memory foam materials which will help you sleep comfortably throughout the whole period of rest.

Elevate Your Upper Body While Sleeping

Sleeping upright relieves acid reflux symptoms by having gravity pull contents away from sensitive areas in line w/most ergonomic recommendations– this includes raising one's head just slightly usually less than four inches thereby decreasing tension points (not too high though).

Chewing Gum Before Bed Helps

Chewing gum before bed promotes saliva production helping buffer gastric liquid release reversing recent negative processes related toward late-night snacks.


There you go folks- some reasons a person may experience nighttime nausea...and what actions they can take next time they feel like fleeing horizontally prone positions altogether under covers! Remember always seek medical advice if situations grow unexplainable yet also eliminate bad extreme choices first acting upon correct decisions immediately following perusal of this valuable literature – have yourself a higher quality sleeping experience tonight!

Try These Quick Fixes For Immediate Relief

  1. Going for some fresh air
  2. Drinking peppermint tea
  3. Avoiding alcohol before bedtime
  4. Using fragrances like lavender


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