No Sew, No Fuss: Altering Kurtis Without Stitching

Are you tired of spending hours in the tailor's shop trying to get your kurti altered? Do you cringe at the thought of taking out your sewing kit and actually stitching up that tear in your favorite kurti?

No Sew, No Fuss: Altering Kurtis Without Stitching

Fret not! We have a solution for you. In this article, we will show you how to alter your kurti without any sewing involved. Yes, that's right – no needles, no thread.

The Magic of Fabric Glue

Have you ever heard of fabric glue? It's a life-saver for those who despise traditional needle and thread techniques. This adhesive acts as an excellent substitute for permanent stitches.

Simply apply some fabric glue to the area where alteration is needed (such as at the hemline or around sleeves), adjust it according to your desired length or size and let it dry completely before wearing. And voila! You have successfully altered your kurti without any fuss!

Pro tip: Always use a high-quality, washable fabric glue for long-lasting results.

Alternative Choices: Hemming Tapes & Fusible Webbing

If fabric glue doesn't tickle your fancy or isn't readily available, fear not. There are other alternatives such as hemming tapes and fusible webbing that work just as well in altering clothing items like Kurtis.

Hemming tape works by placing it on one section of material then heat sealing them together with an iron; resulting in secure seamlines holding everything tightly together without using any threads whatsoever.

On the other hand, fusible webbing sticks two layers together even coarser materials like jeans can be used easily able make seamless alterations when gluing delicate fabrics rather than worrying about snagging individual fibers with pins duringthe process.

Both options are quick solutions especially if you don’t want to or don’t know how to hand sewing/knitting.

Fun fact: Hemming tapes are perfect for on-the-go alterations; it can be carried in your purse and used at any given moment.

Get Creative: Add a Pop of Color

Altering kurtis without stitching doesn't always have to be about fixing the fit or lengthening them, you can also use fabric glue (or whichever alternative option is available)as an opportunity to add color into your wardrobe whilst getting creative!

Cut out some patterns with colorful fabrics or just apply applique patches for those interested in changing their style unobtrusively by adding new elements. Every alteration gives changes that enhance the aesthetics of your garment both inside and out, so why not customize it accordingly?

During festivals/fashions shows there's no harm experimenting with different accessories affixed only by gluing fabric items together such as lace trims, silk ribbons or fake flowers maybe along neckline lowering, sleeves etc.

Pro tip: Keep extra pieces of bright colored fabrics around for last minute ideas! You never know when these pops of colors might come handy.

Don't Throw Away Your Old Kurtis

Have you ever looked at your worn-out Kurti feeling dismayed? Your favorite piece might not fit anymore but what if I told you that would still get mileage from all those pre-owned clothes..

Sometimes old wordrobes may seem obsolete undeserving disapproving looks upon being found peeping through cabinets either neglected/destroyed due to long forgotten memories spent wearing them outside/on special occasions/events but don’t embrace the idea disposing off usable things easily yet.

With this method alternation eventually breathing livelihood back into overworn garments which seemed destined towards unknown dumpster landfills begins simply cutting up various sections/making diagonal strips from unwanted-Kurta’s leading twisted upto different string patterns added edges again using adhesive alternatives from earlier procedures above giving them lively new looks compared to just disposing them off.

Pro tip: Experiment with various colors and patterns while using old Kurta pieces for the ultimate funky look. No one will guess it's altered from your old wardrobe!


Altering your kurti doesn't have to be a daunting task anymore. With the availability of fabric glue, hemming tapes, and fusible webbing, altering your garment is easy as pie?

Give these methods a try; you never know – You might end up loving this innovative way of refreshing clothing items rather than succumbing yourself over stitching/alteration woes.

So go ahead! Alter those Kurtis without stitching and take pride in yourself for rescuing some great clothing options all while giving them life again!

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