Nourish Your Fertility: What to Eat After Ovulation to Get Pregnant

It's no easy feat trying to conceive. A woman needs everything working in her favour if she wants a bun in the oven (and not just because of those cravings). One way you can help yourself is by taking care of your diet after ovulation. In this article, we will explore what foods are best for nourishing your fertility and ensuring that you get pregnant.

Nourish Your Fertility: What to Eat After Ovulation to Get Pregnant

The Importance of Post-Ovulatory Diets

After we ovulate, our bodies start preparing the uterus for possible pregnancy. The uterine lining becomes thicker, creating an ideal environment where the fertilized egg can implant itself and grow into a tiny fetus. However, for this process to be successful, our bodies require specific nutrients such as protein (nope we`re not talking about whey) carbs, vitamins and minerals which when present will promote hormonal balance and increase chances of getting pregnant.

Bananas - A Wonder Fruit

Apart from their sweet taste and yellow hue that comes with good stuff like vitamin C , bananas contain Vitamin B6 necessary for regulating hormones (this affects luteal phase duration), potassium-which helps regulate salt levels thus lowering blood pressure making uterine walls relaxed hence increasing possibility if accommodating fertilisation.

Here`s how breakfast would look :

1.Banana pancake Mashed banana+ Oatmeal + cinnamon + Almond milk = perfect pancakes with potassium goodness

2.Fruity Delight Smoothie Bowl - Banana+ Blueberries+ Dates+ pineapple slices + coconut flakes= ideally nutritious beginning

## The Top Foods That Enhance Fertility

Incorporating these nutrient-rich foods every day during peak ovulation times could increase the likelihood of pregnancy (we know you`ve been waiting forever!). Here are some foods your body will thank you for eating:

### Avocado - Creamy Fertility Booster Being a good source of healthy fats, fiber and vitamin B6 (will fix Vit deficiencies in part) , avocados make an ideal food choice to add on salads; spread on toast or chopped up into tiny bits to spice up eggs.

Pineapple - Tropical Delight

Apart from adding tropical vibes onto the dining table ;pineapples contain enzyme bromelain which aids towards smoother implantation reducing the risk of miscarriage.

Pineapple Sorbet

What about indulging in this classic? Pineapple sorbet can be prepared using ripe pineapple blended with coconut cream poured into ice cream maker and solidified long enough. It’s just like tropical bliss!

Best Time to Incorporate These Foods

The best time is within two weeks after ovulation when the body is prepping itself up for accommodating a fertilised eggs so they can firmly embed themselves in uterus lining. This stage reaches upto menstruation dates hence its better starting around second week post-ovulation period.

Salmon: Nutritious Protein Rich Food Item

Salmon’s omega-3 content makes it immune-friendly while rich vitamins such as A helps prevent birth defect risks Vitamin D supports fertility hormones keeping women's reproductive health under check .

Here`s one great salmon meal :

Sushi Rice Bowl
  • Grilled salmon fillet+
  • Avocado +
  • Carrots+
  • Edamame beans (soya)+ spinach + leftover rice =hurrah! bowl ready

## Conclusion

A woman's diet plays an important role in fertility because it helps regulate necessary nutrients leading to healthier hormonal balance that eventually increases chances of conception. Make sure you incorporate these nutrient-rich foods alongside balanced meals every day during peak times if trying-to-conceive or simply wanting affordable means of boosting fertility naturally. Stay healthy and eat right!

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