Nourishing You and Your Baby: What to Eat During Pregnancy

Becoming a mother is an exciting time, but it can also be daunting, especially when it comes to nourishing both yourself and your growing baby. Eating healthy during pregnancy is important as it supports the growth of the fetus while fulfilling the nutritional needs of mom-to-be. In this article, we will go over what you should eat during pregnancy in a funny tone.

Nourishing You and Your Baby: What to Eat During Pregnancy

Let’s Talk Calories

Okay ladies, let's get real here - eating whatever we want isn't going to cut it anymore; diets matter. And no, we're not talking about one of those fad diets that leaves us hungry all day or on another planet altogether! When you’re pregnant your body requires more calories than usual since you're carrying another tiny human around inside you (talk about being heavy-burdened...). According to obstetricians (OB/GYNs) out there-ish somewhere (don’t ask them where they are located), women who were actively overweight before getting knocked up only need to take in 7-11 additional calories per pound until birth/ delivery.

On the other hand (not literally though, since that wouldn't be possible with a belly), underweight moms-to-be need to increase their intake by at least 15-20 extra calories per pound daily so that Baby has some cushion for pushin’ outta way down there.

But remember darlings: don’t just spread cream cheese frosting onto everything in sight because yeeting bags of candyfloss into your mouth like nobody’s watching is one BIG NOPE! Yes mamas-to-be require extra calories but these should come from nutrient-dense foods rather than junk food snacks all day long which do nothing beneficial for either mama OR baby.

Carbohydrates – The Fuel Of Life (During Pregnancy)

Carbs aren’t always synonymous with weight-gain, actually carbs during pregnancy are essential. By providing energy to the growing baby and supporting its ever-developing brain, carbohydrates fuel that bump into wall pun intended! Whole wheat pasta (not plain ol’ white pasta) is a good source of complex carbohydrates and you can pair it with some oven-roasted veggies or homemade meat sauce. Brown rice for fried rice loaded with fresh great-tasting vegetables Quinoa (KEEN-WAH) salads instead of regular lettuce provides many nutrients plus adding roasted sweet potatoes will make everything better!


Protein helps in fetal tissue growth but we don't want puckered pork chops from consuming excessive amounts (nobody need know about our bacon intake…shhhh!). The best bet when it comes to protein choices include:

Lean meats – whether you’re grillin’ steaks at home or ordering up burgers on-the-go please skip the processed stuff unfortunately...; enjoy wholesome alternatives like grilled chicken breasts for example.

Fish – stick to chunkier options such as salmon, which have high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids known for their awesome nutrional benefits including combating morning sickness symptoms among other things. Tune in to avoid eating larger freshwater fish (here’s looking specifically at those pesky pikes!) where methylmercury can accumulate over time rendering them dangerous if consumed routinely.

Fun Fact: Did you hear about that pregnant woman who ate a tuna steak once? She kept wondering how her mermaid friend swam so seamlessly through life having no idea there was mercury decontamination serum available upon exiting the seawater hospital.

Fat Intake – Not Your Body Size!

Fat-laden foods aren’t necessarily great additions to your diet except maybe when watching Netflix alone late night (Sorry hubby ... not sorry) . Nonetheless, fats do provide us women-in-waiting an important source of energy required throughout pregnancy. Healthy fats such as avocados, nuts, and olive oil dressings on salads are safe to say, great eatables.

Establishing a proper fat intake throughout the entire nine months will greatly benefit both mama- and baby-to-be. And hey ladies – no worries because we can eat them guilt-free plus they're good for our skin too!


We all want strong bones that can outlast even those dreaded high-heeled shoes but during pregnancy having adequate calcium is crucial for bone development in your fetus as well. Milk happens to be an excellent source of this mineral when combined with cereals getting us off on the right foot (since one would likely not yet have swollen elephant toes). An 8oz glass of milk equates roughly towards 300 milligrams (mg) which falls under "requested program standards."

But if you’re lactose intolerant like hello...? many people cringe at the thought of consuming milk then consider consuming alternatives like tofu or spinach (but nobody wants to feel like Popeye got caught in their teeth) so supplemented calcium-fortified yogurts/ juices work exceptionally well!

Fruits & Vegetables – The Stars Of Your Meal Show

Nourishing yourself while pregnant should comprise mostly of fruits than vegetables imagine cobbling up potato bags into your belly-and-a-half stomach space...ouchie!! Piling colorful veggies onto plates won’t just serve aesthetics but nutrient richness also! In order to keep meals interesting here’s some fun ways:

  • Avocado toast sprinkled with chia seeds;
  • Sweet potato fries seasoned lightly the perfect office desk snack;
  • Veggie omelets sneakily hiding spinach leaves within.

Fruits provide natural sugars required by growing cells including brain cells therefore any fruit choices available at local markets or supermarkets are GREAT VARIATIONS – apples, bananas pineapple...anything goes dearies!

Hydration – “Keep It Flowing, Keep It Going…”

Comment below or ‘like’ this post if you’ve been experiencing levels of thirst that require Camel treatment (now even our mouth is drywink)...carry a reusable water bottle so that no time goes by lacking hydration.

It’s important to remember sipping doesn't have liquid restrictions when it comes to hydrating throughout pregnancy its suggested eight 8-ounce glasses per day (which correlates closely with the number of hours we should sleep) and depending on how often moves are produced from your baby-to-be uterus (since all pregnancies differ in shape and size)! Adding juice options especially those made by adding real fruits help keep things flavorful!

Summing Up…

Being pregnant does not mean ending an adventurous palate mama; healthy eating habits result in healthy babies! Eating for two means going beyond feeding ourselves only but nourishing a whole other human being too! Nutritionists recommend maintaining reasonable servings although providing vitamins-A,B6,B12,C, & D, fiber content plus iron and protein.

After all you ladies are SUPERHEROES cultivating life within for nine months transformed into magical future mothers at birth/ delivery (bear a mark superhero-capes…maybe just settle with sparkly bedazzled ultrasounds instead). Remember booboos indulge from time-to-time because ice cream has never spoken against us (& we did say guilt-free beforehand) always feel free to consult your own obstetrician about what recipes fit your specific needs while carrying Baby.

So here's some food ideas summed up for optimal results during female Pregnancy:

Meal Food
Breakfast cereal Fortified cereals
Morning snack apple slices mixed with nut butter
Lunch sandwich Turkey club sandwich
Afternoon snack Carrots paired w/ hummus
Dinner Veggie stir fry with brown rice

Cheers to healthy eating habits plus preparing for bundle- one forkful/ step at a time mamas!

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