Orange Blood: Normal or Not?

Ah, the color orange. It's vibrant, fun and most definitely noticed. But what about when that happy hue finds its way into your blood? Is it normal, or is it a sign of something more serious?

Orange Blood: Normal or Not?

Here's all you need to know about orange blood:

What Causes Orange Blood?

First things first, let's just put it out there - orange blood isn't exactly common. In fact, if you have ever seen someone with bright orange veins running through their body then we suggest taking a step back and slowly walking away.

But in all seriousness, while uncommon- there are some possible causes behind the anomaly. So without further ado; here are some reasons why your bloodstream may resemble a sunset on a warm summer evening:

Certain Medications

Some medications can cause an abnormal coloring of the urine which then changes the hue of one’s' blood as well! One example could be rifampin- Clindamycin also has been known to turn urine red in addition to turning other fluids slightly different hues like tears!


This one perhaps wasn't too hard to predict. Most people think immediately of Jaundice when hearing anything concerning discolored bodily fluids! When your liver isn't functioning properly then yellow pigment starts building up in your system leading to jaundiced skin (yellowing), eyes whites and ….. yep – even possibly orange-colored blood.

A Beta Carotene overload /deficiency

Beta carotene is found prominently in fruits including sweet potatoes & carrots among many others veggies/fruit around us today but consuming lot amounts exclusively without moderation can lead oddly enough.... cutting back on beta-carotene would help revert this naturally reddish-orange tinted cycle quite easily.

Symptoms Of Orange Blood

It probably went unsaid but... having fully-metamorphasized Pumpkin-blood isn't really one of them. Let's clear up the symptoms in having orange-tinged blood; however .

There aren't any listed side effects beyond it being a purely visual phenomenon!

That sums that up!

How To Treat Orange Blood

It all depends on what is causing it. Here are some ways to address each cause:


If medication intake has caused your bright blood.. just relax and stop taking the meds unless under medical supervision.


Suppose jaundice was the culprit behind this unique scenario,, then - well-- usually you´ll be looking at intensive care including transferring necessary fluids, regulating intake, potentially even surgery or liver transplants should things remain non-functional in advanced scenarios..

Changing lifestyle habits goes majorly into prevention such as moderating nutrition choices and avoiding foods high in bilirubin which can stimulate further instances.

Additionally treating underlying liver diseases with medications to lower bilirubin levels could eliminate scary Pumpkin colored veins altogether.

Beta Carotene Overload /deficiency

Stop munching quite so many beta-cartone packed nutrients would go a long way against opposing cases of oddly specific coloring traumas!

When Should You See A Doctor?

We know how tempting it must be to broadcast your recent discovery on Instagram. But before you do –unless for comedy sake– give these serious suggestions real consideration:

  • In case oral self-treatments have no effect make sure that consultations occur for solutions.

seek counsel from Primary care doctors when likely anemia is showing ..

  • If alarming discoloring overspills itself towards skin yellowing otherwise known as “jaundicing” —it´s best quick-turnaround procedures are set into place!!

  • SUPPOSE BLOOD BECOMES extremely fluorescent tinted- seek emergency aid immediately as sensitive medical matters become more pressing.


In short - Orange blood is not something you should be expecting or want to see. But it exists nevertheless, and has some fairly simple causes as mentioned above!

The next time your blood comes out bright orange, don't panic.. just take a closer look at your dietary choices or effect of recent medication instead of dedicating to acting quickly on social media with yet another “crossing off the bucket-list” moment.

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