Outward Eyes: Mastering the Art of Making Dual Gaze

Are you tired of feeling like a one-eyed monster whenever someone looks into your eyes? Worry no more because in this article, we will teach you how to make dual gaze and leave a lasting impression on people. With the power of eye contact, you can charm anyone with just one glance.

Outward Eyes: Mastering the Art of Making Dual Gaze

The Importance of Eye Contact

Have you ever talked to someone who avoids eye contact at all costs? Unless they have social anxiety or are afraid that Medusa might turn them into stone, it's likely that their lack of eye contact makes them seem shifty or untrustworthy. Eye contact is essential for communication and building relationships since it shows interest, confidence, and respect.

Types of Eye Contact

Before diving into making dual gaze, let's first explore the different types of eye contact:

Brief Glance

A quick look when acknowledging someone's presence or greeting them.

Intermittent Glance

Looking away every once in a while during conversation.

Locked-in Stare

Continuous uninterrupted gazing for an extended period.

Knowing these types will help in identifying what kind of look is needed during specific situations.

Tips on How to Make Dual Gaze

They say practice makes perfect – but don’t worry about perfection! In this section, we'll show some tips to make perfect dual gazing moments:

1. Relax Your Face Muscles

Having tense facial muscles may hinder your ability to maintain consistent double-eye movements. Try smiling naturally; it can ease up your facial muscles so your eyes won't become stiffed easily.

2. Find Your Subject’s Comfortable Stare Tolerance

Do not stare too intently as if trying to get inside another person’s soul! Observe the cues given by others during conversations such as glancing from time-to-time instead so everyone involved feels comfortable.

3. Use Peripheral Vision

This skill can be essential since it'll allow you to see beyond the person you're interacting with without necessarily moving your eyes around too much.

4. Practice Eye Exercises

Eye exercises such as rolling your eyes in all directions or focusing on an object can improve your overall control and coordination of eye movement.

5. Maintaining Conversation Through Dual Gaze

Just because you’re dual gazing doesn’t mean stop talking! Speak confidently whilst maintaining brief glances - vital for a fluid conversation, showing that there’s understanding between individuals.

The Science Behind It

The science behind dual gaze is quite interesting when looked into further detail:

  • When one gazes intently at another person, pupils tend to dilate due to heightened cognitive arousal.
  • Pupil dilation is a common indication of attraction; they are used by animals and humans alike during courtship rituals!
  • Directly looking in someone's eyes releases oxytocin (a love hormone) which decreases stress levels while increasing trust and intimacy!

Knowing this science can really give us more confidence to make more dual gaze moments and give good impressions.


Making double-eye contact may seem daunting but practicing these tips whenever possible will eventually establish effortless interpersonal communication skills – Fun fact: mastering eye contact not only helps create/improve relationships but also proves useful in interviews/work-related situations! Now go out there settle those deals, charm those dates/mates using our newly acquired Outward Eyes techniques like professionals. Don't forget always bring extra eye drops just incase things get intense!

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