Pairing Perfection: What Goes Good with Meatball Subs

If you're anything like me, you love a good meatball sub. The tender meatballs covered in marinara sauce nestled between two slices of crusty bread- what's not to love? But have you ever struggled with which beverage or side dish to pair it perfectly with your favorite sandwich? Fear not! This article will provide some tasty solutions for sides and drinks that go well with the beloved meatball sub.

Pairing Perfection: What Goes Good with Meatball Subs

Classic Sides for Your Sandwich

Let's be real; sometimes simple is best. Here are some classics to keep it straightforward.

Fried/ Baked Vegetable Chips

Adding a side of vegetable chips, such as zucchini, beetroot or even Brussels sprouts can elevate any sandwich experience from plain Jane to Indiana Jones (minus snakes). You could opt for either baked chips, preferably made fresh at home (if at all possible),or fried ones coated in herbs and spices.

French Fries

When feeling stressed and don't wanna experiment too much but just enjoy something crispy on the side, why squander opportunities by keeping away from gold old favourites – french fries !

Garden Side Salad

Pairing greens always seems like an ideal option if one wants nutrition along with great taste . A Greek salad full of romaine lettuce, feta cheese , onions , olives sure packs crunch alongside flavor ! Dress up your bowl full stuffing add-ins such as boiled egg cubes or roasted nuts which coincide spectacularly!

Pasta Salad Pals : Mac And Cheese Mayhem

Crazy about cheese? So great we’ve got yourselves cladched tightly! Make spaghetti or mac n' cheese accompanied by freshly grounded chilli flakes in addition -to die for mania!

Main Course Alternatives For Those Skipping Sub Sandwiches

Some prefer skipping dense dishes at dinner time yet simultaneously crave something nourishing. Here's what we suggest :

Meatball Pizza

For the picky eaters or pizza lovers, a meatball pizza is a great way to enjoy those cozy, homemade flavors on different textures!

Spaghetti and Meatballs

No surprises there! As expected of course spaghetti; with high chances topped with juicy balls of perfection !

Non-alcoholic Drinks for the Win!

Drinking non-alcoholic beverages at dinner isn't always about being designated drivers. Sometimes, it’s about relishing hydration without experiencing any hangovers the morning after.


Lemonade is an ideal drink because its tang nicely complements a meatball sub 's richness.

Infused Water

Sipping water sounds like "yeah no", but did you ever try adding sliced citrus fruits or fresh mint leaves for added flavor? Trust us when we say a simple twist can go quite far !

Iced teas

Feeling your taste buds yearn for something less sugary yet refreshing which wraps up sandwich munching event perfectly? Look no further than original iced tea – faultless!

Alcoholic Beverages - Time To Sip And Savour

Alcohol in moderation never hurt anybody (believe me). This part discusses alcohol-based drinks that would warrant attention if one does decide they're willing to take it down in case an eager bartender gazes upon them quizzically.

Red Wine

Red wine especially full-bodied pairing alongside meat , works wonders every time. A merlot can satisfy just cravings splendidly while sustainably rich malbec will do adequately too !


Some suds may bring your meal together! Think brown ale type beer as perfect companionship addition multi-layered taste balanced out by hints nutty undertones !

Whether you indulge these options alone or mix and match them around till pleased ultimately, we hope taking meatball sandwiches to the next level is something savoury both figuratively and literally!

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