Patch up and Splash on: Showering with Birth Control Patch

Ah, showering. The ultimate relaxation experience after a long day of work or a sweaty workout routine. But wait – what about that little patch on your arm? Fear not, my friend! We've got you covered in this guide to showering with the birth control patch.

Patch up and Splash on: Showering with Birth Control Patch

The Basics of Birth Control Patch

First things first, let's get to know our star player here – the birth control patch. Essentially, it's like a sticker that you place on your body once a week (aka every seven days) for three weeks in a row. No sticky fingers allowed while applying it! On the fourth week, you take it off and have yourself period free!

The patch itself releases hormones into your bloodstream to prevent pregnancy by stopping ovulation from taking place. Hence no baby making business here folks!

Before You Hit That Shower...

Before jumping right into anything else make sure the adhesive is strong enough and not starting to peel off. If this happens use medical tape made for skin instead.

Also avoid hot water as high temperatures can cause sweat which would loosen the adhesion should time lapse before its next change . Always cover it when applying any kind of soap or body washes .

In-shower steps

So now that we're all set up let’s hop onto how we handle ourselves inside showers;


Please dress accordingly folks so avoid wearing tight clothes at all costs especially around areas where patches are placed since they could come loose easily .

Temperature Check

Keep an eye out on the temperature setting before heading over to your personal washing area ; It is highly recommended using lukewarm water rather than scalding-hot settings order keep adhesive units in check ! Also , if yours comes unstuck then quickly rinse under cool water but be careful not applied too much force by accident during refitting process which could lead in causing the system more damage than good.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

While showering, take your time around areas which have patches attached . Never scrub , or use any exfoliating material there as this can cause them to peel off earlier than anticipated… no one wants surprises popping up down south randomly right !

In short: just be gentle while cleaning yourself !

Avoid dirty oils and chemical ingredients

Avoid washing with extremely oily substances like coconut oil or heavy lotion-based skincare products as they could leave residues on exposed areas of skin ; residue that will interfere with the patch's ability to stick making its lifespan shorter because before eventually slipping those frustrated fingers again .

After Shower Steps

We're not done yet! Here are some tips for after-shower care:

Dry Off Softly!

Once you're out of the shower, pat yourself softly instead of rubbing – Keep it smooth operator style guys – but don’t fret too much about water drops still clinging onto oiled-up skins since these will evaporate overtime itself anyway.

Also make sure you dry under all patches thoroughly so adhesives continue working at peak performance while preventing infections with maximum efficiency.

Put Clothes On With Care...

Be extra cautious when dressing. Try placing clothes over easily affected sites like arms or hips rather than dealing directly around sticky surfaces if possible - this would help minimize unwanted tugging movements that may result in detachment during abrupt moments .

Check your body’s positioning before sleeping

It is recommended lying positions changed accordingly throughout sleep cycles avoiding pressure points near insertion site(s) for best staying power ever!

Final Thoughts

Patchin 'Up and Splashing' On: Showering with Birth Control Patch isn’t so bad after all folks- we hope our guide was able to fill you in on all things gluey headed towards successful contraceptive methods retained even post shower!

Just remember to keep it clean, gentle and non-oily – plus always keep an extra patch on standby just in case. Stay safe mates !

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