Period or Pregnancy: Can You Really Get Pregnant on Your Period?

Period or Pregnancy: Can You Really Get Pregnant on Your Period?

We’ve heard it for ages - that a woman can't get pregnant during her period. But what if we told you that just like unicorns, mermaids and people who put milk in their tea before water exists; this too is just a myth? Yes! You heard it right! It’s time to break the taboo attached to periods and pregnancy, and find out whether there's any truth to this myth.

What Exactly Happens During Your Menstrual Cycle?

Before we dive into figuring out whether getting pregnant while on your period is possible or not, let us quickly understand what happens during your menstrual cycle:

  1. The uterus sheds its lining.
  2. Hormones are released from the brain (that direct ovaries).
  3. Follicles grow/develop around the ovaries with an egg inside.
  4. One egg gets ovulated from either of the two ovaries every month.
  5. If intercourse takes place when sperm meets egg, fertilization could result in pregnancy.

Now that we've got all that sorted, let's move onto some actionable content!

Is Getting Pregnant While on Your Period Possible?

In order to answer this question effectively - Is getting pregnant while on your period possible? We'll break down things further:

The Egg vs Sperm Theory

While periods may vary based on factors such as lifestyle habits or genetics; most women experience them for anywhere between 3-7 days per cycle. In simple words: The fertility window does not open up until day 10 after the first day of menstruation begins, giving you roughly two weeks whereby an egg will be released from one of your ovaries.

Eggs have a lifespan of approximately 24 hours whereas sperms have lifetimes ranging anywhere between five to seven days within a woman’s body upon ejaculation via intercourse/masturbation. Based on this timeline, which side wins - the Egg or Sperm?

While eggs are only viable for up to 24 hours, sperm can remain in the uterus and fallopian tubes (where fertilization takes place)for anywhere between five to seven days upon ejaculation. Since human biology is prone to surprises; there is always a possibility of early ovulation thereby opening up critical window periods conducive towards conception.

The Wet Myth

Another popular myth that we’ve all heard when it comes to period s3x is that you cannot conceive if you have intercourse while bleeding from your period since there's no fertile cervical mucus around during this time.

Cervical mucus refers to the secretion that takes place within your cervix daily, but varies throughout your cycle based on estrogen levels whereby it +helps nourish and protect sperms as they travel through your reproductive system.'

However; this isn't entirely true since studies show that some women with shorter cycles may experience ovulation while still spotting with red discharge mixed into their regular flow.

Therefore realistically if left unaddressed by pertinent medical attention -~~this could leak like a volcano~~-I'd advise against indulging in any voodoo magic when trying not to get pregnant because history reminds us how casual sex could take an unexpected turn anytime!

Wrap Up

To sum things up: yes! It’s totally possible for someone who menstruates regularly and does not use protection during sexual intercourse despite being on her period- to conceive. Therefore, makes me wonder- what say do we really hold at our bodies once mother nature's laws set things in motion?

Guess We’ll just have to wait till science develops further (or till unicorns learn how to type) Until then remember – safe $£xy protects lives!

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