Phlegm-Busters: Tips for Getting it Out of Your Baby

As a new parent, you may have noticed that babies are like tiny phlegm factories. They seem to produce an endless supply of the stuff, and trying to get rid of it can be a real challenge. But fear not! With these phlegm-busting tips, your baby will be breathing easy in no time.

Phlegm-Busters: Tips for Getting it Out of Your Baby

Understand the Problem

Before we dive into some remedies for your little one's phlegmy health concerns, let's take a closer look at what we're dealing with here. What is phlegm? Phlegm refers to mucus or snot produced by the respiratory system.

Where Does Phlegm Come From?

In infants and young children, particularly those under six months old, their respiratory systems are still developing. Hence they tend to build up excess mucus in the nose, throat or chest leading up to discharging as coughs or even sneezes.

When Should You Be Worried About The Quantity Of Phelgm Coming out from Your Child?

Although all infants can appear phelgmy; however when there are changes such as noisy breathing (excessive-retraction) whilst feeding / either grunting sounds on exertion especially during sleep traces could insinuate serious affairs like COVID-19 infection hence seeking Medical attention would be very wise move.

Why Is It Important To Get Rid Of Excess Phlem In Babies?

When untreated or partially treated respiratory tract causes recurrent congestion and subsequent lung infections putting them at risk of acquiring more severe illnesses such as pneumonia & other chronic bronchopulmonary conditions.

Remedies for Getting Rid 0f Baby’s Excess Phelgm

Now that you understand what you’re dealing with , let’s get right down into practical tips roundabout solving this annoying problem which tends leaving parents perplexed most times consuming sleepless nights or draining energy :

Watch Baby's Sleeping Position

Infants sleep for 16 hours in a day and lying flat usually causes mucous to build up in the throat making it harder for them to breathe as it is more prone than other sleeping positions. Use pillows or elevate both mattress ends deliberately would encourage free secretion flow but watchful not to discourage turn over of your babies.

Use A Humidifier

The air inside your home can be very dry, particularly during colder months which has an effect on the moistness levels influencing one’s bodily fluids therein coming out sticky hence you might consider humidifiers which break mucus consistency leaving babies less stressed coughing/ spitting ways going along fine with life!

A high-quality cool-mist humidifier supplementing moisture into indoor relieves discomfort by keeping nostrils hydrated reducing anxiety level concerning baby phlegm

Nurse Your Baby More Often

As hard as it may seem; feeding frequently helps loosen those pesky phlegm blockers. So keep nursing at frequent intervals preferably 2-3 hourly especially after sleep time encouraging easy breathing passages whilst lowering risk of secondary complications such as Ear infections and chest infections

Utilize Some Chest Rubs

Chest rubs are old-school gems when dealing with stubborn cold spells compelling infants in peaceful slumber like never before! It only takesa small smear amount placed within baby bedsheets directly prior getting into bed encourages smooth breath calming down unease disruptions

Saline Spray Time

By applying specially formulated saline drops squirted straight from above nozzle packed roughly between ten minutes interval daily will flush out excess secretion causing persistent blockage bringing noticeable remarkable difference

When It’s An Emergency

If despite inept trying home remedies leading parent(s) feeling alarmed / fussy recognising grave symptoms displayed (hesitation eating accompanied abnormal retractions / general periods of agitation making their bodies persistently hot feeling) seek medical attention immediately preventing escalation indigestible calamities


In conclusion, phlegm is a common occurrence in newborns and young infants. As we have seen through our journey together; it can become concerning when excessive leading to additionals of other conditions later on hence trying some of these practical tips such as cherishing baby sleep patterns, having them fed at short intervals, Using Humidifiers or Saline water drops , falling back to the age slumber trick – chest rubs could encourage secretion elimination helping ease breathing passages et al.

Remember: A happy parent equals A Happy Baby!

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