Pink or Blue? How to Fill a Balloon with Paint for Gender Reveal!

Gender reveals have been taking the world by storm with their social media-worthy snaps and utterly unpredictable results. Traditional ways of revealing your baby's sex, like cutting open cakes or popping balloons filled with confetti, are passé. If you want to stand out from the ordinary revealing techniques crowd and make a lasting impression on family and friends when it comes to revealing your baby's gender, why not try filling balloons with paint? In this article, we'll guide you through the process of filling up a balloon with paint in less than thirty minutes - no prior experience necessary! So buckle up, grab some paint cans, and let’s get started!

Pink or Blue? How to Fill a Balloon with Paint for Gender Reveal!

Ingredients/Supplies Needed

First things first: before venturing into anything outrageous (like bike tricks on YouTube), collect all items needed for this art-filled adventure:

  • 1 can each of pink and blue washable paint
  • 2 large white Baloons
  • Funnel
  • Water bottle/bucket
  • A friend or partner (This one is crucial)
  • A sense of humour

Balloons Up; Bow Ties On

Before diving headfirst into plastic spheres filled with colour (which should only be attempted by professionals), put those engineering skills to work that were lying low post graduation:

  1. Inflate both white balloons as per manufacturer guidelines.
  2. Once inflated completely tie off both ends using either string or fishing line— we won't wage war over which option because IT DOES NOT MATTER!
  3. Ensure that neither end will loosen even if forcefully shaken so that colours only ooze out from intended holes.

At this point maybe admire them for their simplicity – they haven't changed since childhood despite global inflation rates! Now here’s where things start getting messy 😉 .

A Splash Of Colour

For success at this stage, follow the below steps with deft accuracy (just a suggestion):

  1. Select which colour you want to use to reveal your baby's gender.
  2. One option is to close your eyes and vibe it out like Chandler Bing; something we don't recommend unless of course, that’s how you roll!
  3. Once decided on a colour take off the paint can lid and slowly pour it into the funnel while simultaneously moving around keeping an eye for any spills or drips as they will stain.
  4. When using funnels ensure nothing gets caught up if plugged – Oh wait this isn’t arts and crafts class, everyone knows what they’re doing here?
  5. Repeat step three until you've emptied most of the can into the balloon- but leave some room at least equal two fists between where paint stops and knot starts.

To make sure every inch counts - literally - get sloshed by adding more water than required (half cup) to entirely empty each stripy vessel (a mix of paint + water); ensuring symmetry when thrown across windswept landscapes on Instagram because OF COURSE someone else must have done it!

Balloons Win The Battle!

Now let us celebrate triumphantly over our solid balloons filled with liquid showers while also thanking friends/ partners for their immense support during this process:

"Congratulations y’all, now we’ve got ourselves two perfectly unisex piñatas!"

Just kidding… Or are we? 😉 Anyway here comes another important part so pay attention:

  1. Take turns holding white balloons firmly in place (don’t hurt them though).
  2. Find space outdoors or indoors that need redecorating anyway.
  3. Count down from ten together whilst throwing /bursting ballon against walls/floor/someone’s head according to preference 4.Tada! Either pink or blue strewn chaos shall mark one lucky person.

Similar to different tastes in milkshakes, the colour used by balloons may differ based on preference. But don't fret! Point 1 of Instructions clearly states you bought two cans so rinse and repeat all above steps for second balloon using opposite paint and Volià! Two happy parents-to-be unscathed with beautiful memories to cherish forever.


Testing mortality limits could lead us down a dangerous road where only mythical pros like MX superheroes operate while others prove they have no knowledge of it whatsoever (guilty as charged).

At its core, filling balloons with washable paint is an easy activity requiring minimal items, making this gender-revealing technique accessible to anyone who can follow given directions (except those questioning their entire existence constantly).

So take some time out, enjoy those things that are truly beautiful- just like explosive liquid splattering scenes from your childhood; all yours for the taking – we promise not to tell ;)!

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