Postpartum Mystery: Why Does My Vagina Smell?

Postpartum Mystery: Why Does My Vagina Smell?

Congratulations, you've successfully popped out a tiny human! While there may be many emotions and thoughts running through your head right now, one question that's been bugging you is why your vagina smells. Fear not, dear reader. We are here to explore this postpartum mystery together in a manner only suitable for an adult audience.

The Basics of Postpartum Vaginal Odor

First things first; odor after giving birth is perfectly normal. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise or make you feel like something's wrong with you if they don't smell "peaches n' cream" down under.

What Causes the Vaginal Odor?

The most common cause of vaginal odor after delivering baby comes from blood lochia discharge seeping out weeks after delivery while healing process takes its course. In addition to lochia possibly breast milk leak plus other natural bodily fluids could also contribute to disconcerting aroma emanating from amidst the folds(we love gross terminology).

Pro-tip: Use pads designed specifically for incision sites or those intended for heavy flows when it comes to managing menstrual flow during this time period (not tampons).

Now breathe easy because generally speaking discharged should wane and eventually stop within couple weeks up until 8 weeks post-delivery-usually 6 on average.If your smell persists even past the eighth week? That’s where we start getting curious...

Yeast Infection: Your Potential Culprit

Yeast infections can occur at any given opportunity.A fungus by nature and likes warm ,moist environments.That being said,it makes perfect sense that a freshly delivered mother could ideally provide these circumstances! Symptoms include chunky discharge(which gives us heebie-jeebies just typing about), itching, burning sensation during sex or urination,and sometimes even pain-painfully not sexy..Good news - if this is the case, there are plenty over-the-counter treatments to choose from.Some even come in applicator design for easier use(again with the gross terminology).We suggest consulting with your doctor before treating solely relying on self diagnosis.

Did You Experience a Perineal Tear or Episiotomy?

An episiotomy incision uses scissors to cut vaginal area near perineum prior to delivery. Whether that be sewed up after birth depends upon situation.A tear, which can happen during labor process may also occur. They will be of different degrees based on severity ,1 being minor and increasing in number all way through 4+ (we're cringing already).After delivering,it's perfectly normal experience discomfort during any activity which involves using pelvic floor muscles such as walking,sitting down, let alone sex..Possible side effects can range among stench from pus and pain during urination.So seek professional medical advice should suspect possibility of infection post-surgery/common wound healing

Bacterial Vaginosis

In more extreme cases,bacterial vaginosis could be underlying cause to problem .Usually characterized by fishy smell-in scientific terms it is attributed ‘garbage-like’. Discharge would take appearance foamy white or gray-green texture.On another note,potentially uncomfortable symptoms include itching or burning of clitoral hood,in addition frequently painful pee trigger.The fluid levels within vagina will imbalance resulting in build up bad bacteria.Getting check if these issues present itself for lengthy amount weeks definitely recommend.

Note: Often don’t know what causes bacterial vaginosis known sexually transmitted disease

What Can You Do?

Nothing like fresh air when person trapped indoors for too long!Healthcare providers encourage patients regularly airing out nether region,but length time altered whilst caring newborn...not always plausible.If possible,making habit daily shower hygiene routine important.For those who struggle making time-every once/twice opening windows widely can bring noticeable difference.

Now, we understand this isn't always possible; sometimes, you may be pressed for time or too frazzled to remember when the last time you showered was-It's fine! And there are alternative ways of helping to combat vaginal odor!

Use Fragrance-free Products

Odors can penetrate fabrics,and anything that traps odors likely also trapping bacteria which encourages further foulness.If not required , opt out using heavy perfumed washes or scented tampons-such products could introduce potential allergens/intolerances.Hide temptation towards douching.Thus washing with soaps designed specifically vagina area health helps keep pH levels healthy whilst reducing any presence pathogenic mic-robe.Your body will thank you in the long run.

Sprays and Scents Equals No Bueno

Wrong kind spray might just land fewer dates than had previous-use fragrance sparingly,a product such as a body lotion would normally apply across entire surface skin should never really come close proximity delicate tissue surrounding genitalia.Fe-breeze is NOT acceptable substitute!!

Focus on Your Diet

We've all heard it before: "you are what you eat!" Well, unfortunately sometimes that means your favorite comfort foods might be making an appearance down below. That doesn't mean give up everything delicious BUT incorporating more fresh produce-rich in vitamin C AND probiotics like yogurt-kimchi naturally help maintain proper digestive flora resulting in overall fresher bodily output.Plus if fermented correctly these foods pack pleasant tastes-coincidentally paired well alongside beer


So there you have it folks - why postpartum vaginal odor occurs and how to fight against swear swamps at the source. Now go enjoy newborn cuddles and rest easy knowing smelling “less-than-fresh” is completely normal...though extra eight-weeks of blood flow minus pads? Not ideal but consequence however came from being parent.Good good news-just think of how thrilled you’ll be when miraculously can recognize ur normal(ish) aroma.When that time comes -relax,eat some kimchi and wipe your troubles away!

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