Pregnancy 101: Visual Guide on How to Become Pregnant

Congratulations, you've finally reached a point in your life where making babies is starting to look more appealing than making margaritas. Whether you're itching for a wee one or are being pressured by your partner/ family / society, it's important that you understand what exactly goes into creating the miracle of life - besides whiskey and champagne.

Pregnancy 101: Visual Guide on How to Become Pregnant

Here 's our handy visual guide on how to become pregnant:

Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle

First things first: if we were in middle school sex ed class right now, we'd show you a picture of an ovary with googlely-eyes and tell you how eggs get whisked away from there by little spermies trying to beat each other at Mario Kart. But since this isn't middle school (and hopefully neither are you), let's stick to the basics:

  1. Each month, one of your ovaries releases an egg.
  2. This usually happens somewhere around day 14 of your menstrual cycle.
  3. The egg then travels down through the fallopian tubes, looking for some hot action with sperm along the way.
  4. If no sperm is around when it reaches the end of its Olympic-like runner streak, it dies off and gets absorbed back into your body.

Pro tip: Buy yourself an ovulation test kit (or download an app if peeing on sticks bothers you). These will help predict approximately when those eggs will be ready for fertilization so that'll know when it's time!

Sex Timing Tips

Alrighty folks: now that we know all about Aunt Flo's monthly visitations let's move onto something closer tto home— namely SEX!

While spontaneity may be great for Netflix-binging-marathons-and-takeout-nights-in-bed adventures,you needn't worry about timing every encounter just perfectly unless...cue dramatic music you're trying to conceive.

Here are some handy tips for upping your chances of getting pregnant:

More is more

The more sex you have, the greater your chances! Aim for every other day during fertile windows; conception rates skyrocket when two sessions occur with 24 hours.Spanish Fly not included.

Get Physical

Oh yes. Regular exercise has been shown in multiple studies and by scientific reports to enhance fertility in both men and women. Find a way to work out that brings you joy- something you can stick with across time

Pregnancy Planning Necessities

Nowadays there are about forty-seven hundred things at any given moment one must insist on purchasing just so we can complete the daily task list as well as maintain full functionality.But planning a pregnancy involves more than just peeing sticks!

Don't worry though—we've conveniently listed everything essential here:

  • Prenatal vitamins (non-negotiable)
  • Charts/trackers/successive monitoring tools/there-is-no-such-ballot-box-and-yet-here-we-are-the-world-has-gone-mad-so-this really shouldn't be surprising...🤔 but reusable ovulation predictors/strips can cut down on costs while still helping to guide course. There's also specific food items encouraged or disallowed, much like choosing sushi without raw shellfish even before baby comes around. So where do I start? Google? Stop right there mamamia don't call out yet….. -A OBGYN of preference (Finding caring professional health care provider / Dr. worthy of trust whose experience as compatible meets yours is absolument necessary).

TLDR;taking prenatal vitamins and tracking methods plus finding an OB-GYN all important mama!

Positions Matter—And Not Just On The Soccer Field

Keep this one blunt folks: Some positions give sperm an advantage over others. But let's face it. You want to start the baby making process not put on a Cirque du Soleil performance (at least not in public).

Here are a few go-to's for optimal fertilization success:

  • Missionary: This one maximizes chance at full blast quite frankly.
  • Doggy Style: Provides deeper positioning allowing sperm faster access and arrival time to respective egg cells
  • Side-by-side spooning :In later stages of pregnancy,most ideal position for maximum comfort

Unfortunately,this can also result in a new unpleasant symptom. Dad snoring…..

Pro tip: Make sure orgasm is achieved! Because when you pop off fireworks; by doing so, you increase alkalinity within your private garden thus increasing possibility with male gendered swimmers.

Nutrition Factor

Ah,the ever present always haunting too-good-for-us snack aisle beckoning us towards discounted pecan pies and festive red velvet cookies.

While we're all -including Julianne Hough-still missing straight up cake (that was last week!), as mentioned earlier there are certain foods one should maximize or refrain from consuming if trying to conceive.

One main secret rule of thumb? Load up on whole foods such as fruits,lentils,nuts,beans,fish because their nutrient-rich properties fuel fertility health across both parties involved!

Certain types snagged stores having natural vitamin b6 & e sources track down swiftly: Avocados{Known Dietary Godsend} Berries,Figs(Copper Content Plus) Dark Chocolates[not milk chocolate,no skimpin' here people] 😉

Steak Tartare? Primo glass of merlot alongside delicate cheese plate? tempting no doubt but best say 'au revoir' mid-week once baby bump grows!

For now,momma bears need less processed more nutrition-packed variety.Not playing games when saying this matterstoo have healthy fit rest-of-pregnancy,& above all gradually support development for healthy baby growth.

Pro tip: avocado toast packed with a handful of berries and walnuts is both trendy AND conception friendly!

Symptoms to look out

Ok you've now put in the work, paid attention to timing as well maintained a degree portion of self-restraint by putting cheesecake aside.

But how will know if it worked? Will there be fireworks? Should we call my Mom?

Here are some per-symptoms that signal whether you're possibly pregnant while also better equipped for family inquiries: - Nausea: aka morning sickness - 1st-morning urine color changes in case yellow super high-lighter pops up! [testing after waking is less diluted hence more reliable when symptoms experienced] -Spotting / Light bleeding around 2 weeks post-conception due too implantation within uterus lining.Some women mistake this sign for early menstrual cycle starts. -Fatigue: often descibed as extreme exhaustion but most commonly seen from second week till end of first trimester.Indication to have multiple naps without interruption.

Those looking emphasize "treat yo-self" should visit doctors after any certain hopes.Unless testing positives,right here above bring 'round of applause' enough!

Congratulations mama bear! You did it ! Enjoy your cravings next -who knows,might just include pepperoni pizza on top apple strudel today (wink wink).

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