Pregnancy Check-Ups: How Often Will I Visit the Doctor?

Are you pregnant and wondering how often you will be visiting the doctor? Good news, despite growing a tiny human inside of you, pregnancy check-ups can actually be quite fun! Here's everything you need to know about scheduling your visits with your favorite OB/GYN.

Pregnancy Check-Ups: How Often Will I Visit the Doctor?

First Trimester Visits

During the first trimester of your pregnancy (aka weeks 1-12), it’s recommended to visit your doctor once every four weeks. This initial appointment usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes where they'll perform some awe-inspiring initial tests. They’ll likely take some blood tests, evaluate standard physical health measurements like weight, blood pressure, do swabs for infections, ask lots of general questions about lifestyle choices such as smoking and medication use, discuss their recommendations on vitamins, diet and exercise and anything else that's noteworthy to document in this momentous time period.

The Second Visit

The second visit during your first trimester is just as exciting – especially if it's close around Valentine's Day or Halloween. It typically takes place around week eight (8) which involves an ultrasound test: while lying down on a comfortable couch/matress looking thingie - accompanied by dazzling images designed to give goosebumps from within - enables them detect accurate gestational age among other important indicators like heartbeat rate‌ etcetera!

Beyond The First Trimester

Once you enter into the second trimester (which starts at week 13) things start heating up quicker than when Sriracha is added to soy sauce dipper flask. From then on out until almost delivery time (the process officially ends after week 40), doctors recommend making an appointment once every three weeks instead of once every fourth last month pastures . There are many changes fast approaching so don’t miss any upcoming appointments-- allow yourself plenty of time in between updates!

The 20-Week Scan

One of the most anticipated appointments during pregnancy is the mid-pregnancy scan at around week 20 - where they will perform an ultrasound test that provides vital information. This much-awaited report contains some other awe-inspiring facts such as your baby’s sex and head circumference, structure etc., which can make even first-time parents’ hearts skip a beat‌.

Third Trimester Visits

As you move onto your third trimester from week 28 onwards, it's time to beef up your check-up schedule! Your doctor will want to see you at least once every two weeks until week 36, when then you’ll step into those weekly follow-ups. As we're getting closer towards labor day (pun intended) there'll be monitoring for potential signs like protein levels in urine or hypertension; Oooh the anticipation!

What If I Have A High-Risk Pregnancy?

If you're one of our badass life-giving mamas with a high-risk pregnancy condition (meaning more vulnerability than regular pregnancies), schedules might need to switch-up based on their individual requirements. Speak to them (not Doctor Google) about how often they recommend visits compared to others without risk factors ‌and always Listen closely while reporting any unusual sign/symptoms‌.

And Finally...

Overall, frequent checkups with your healthcare provider are essential throughout your entire pregnancy journey – not just for peace of mind but for optimal health ability: always remember that self care means appropriate medical care as well! With all this newfound knowledge on hand now feel free to cheerfully experience each appointment knowing what kinds of questions await answer and reveling in clinics occasionally supplying delightful lollypop rewards after giving blood samples -- even adults deserve sweet surprises too♥️????

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