Pregnancy Pimple Problems: Can You Get Acne When Pregnant?

Congratulations! You are pregnant and glowing, but wait... what is that big pimple doing right in the middle of your forehead? Well, it turns out that acne is not just for teenagers. In fact, many women develop pimples during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Pimple Problems: Can You Get Acne When Pregnant?

When you are pregnant, there is a lot going on with your hormones which can cause all kinds of skin issues. Dealing with acne when you're dealing with all the other struggles associated with pregnancy can be frustrating, so let’s explore this topic - pimples and pregnancy- more specifically.

Hormonal Changes During Pregnancy

One of the main causes of acne during pregnancy is hormonal changes. Throughout each trimester of pregnancy, hormonal levels within the body keep shifting to accommodate for growth and prepare for delivery.

The surge in hormones may cause glands in our skin to produce more oil or sebum; as a result, pores become congested leading to breakouts. Furthermore, elevated hormone levels obstruct gland openings where hair grows causing bumps called comedones (across hair follicle ends) to form from dried-up sebum particles which we refer to as blackheads/whiteheads[1]

Other Contributing Factors To Pimples During Pregnancy

Apart from hormonal fluctuations, other factors contribute towards development^ (or aggravation)of acne- such as bacterial build-up due excessively oily skin or cosmetics usage/blockage coupled up friction inflicted by tight clothing against bodily structures covered by layers like stretch pants et cetra [2].

Then again ,pregnancy comes along new habits like over-indulgence in foodstuff high in refined carbohydrates and sugars (junk foods), insufficient Vitamin D intake coupled up continuous exposure towards chemicals i.e smokes,targeting environmental pollutants like ozone nitrous oxide fumes thereby agitating existing imbalance level.[3]

It’s important to mention this is because it means we aren’t addressing the root cause when we use outside treatments to solve these pregnancy acne issues. It’s also best you seek advice with your dermatologist for management guidance.

Safe, Alternative Treatments To Pregnancy Pimples

When pregnant, women have a heightened concern about anything that may be harmful or dangerous to their health as well as their child. So take note- ingesting certain prescribed medication for acne such as isotretinoin [4] is not recommended because there are potential side effects which could definitively harm fetuses - this includes skin care products/medication containing salicylic acid, tretinoin and various antibiotics (unless formulation alternatively accommodates in cases requiring urgency; only if suitable authorized care-giver permitted understand risks included).

But don't worry! You can find alternatives that would help fight pimples whilst avoiding any possible risk or yielding compromise regarding innocence of fetus – seek medical evaluation from obstetrician/dermatologist always prior any regimen application, feel free try out lathered soap specially formulated for individuals suffering mild pimples during gestation phase [5].

Also you’re advised munching on food rich in Vitamin C (citrus juices)and retinols enriched edibles like fortified cereals ,eggs etcetera[6].

In addition, proper hygiene^ routines i.e using clean pillowcase sheets regular changing occasionally wearing breathable soft cotton fabric material instead oppressive shelter promotes maintaining body temperature neutral across weather seasons without inducing frictions usually linked synthetics including spandex fabrics.[7]


Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes both physically and hormone-wise; unfortunately some aren’t favourable like bumps caused by insecurities-shattering-pimples. Luckily however its absolutley calmable through understanding where pimples originate from thus eradicating them naturally rather relying hazardous methods.

It’s important to note that there can be serious health complications during pregnancy; reach out for a medical consultation when experiencing severe pimples or any unfamiliar issues!!. So relax mama, you got this!

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