Pregnancy Progress: How to Measure Your Journey

Congratulations, you're pregnant! Now what? Breathe, my friend. This is just the beginning of a wild ride where your body (and mind) will go through lots of changes in the coming months. If you’re here, it means that you want to track and measure your pregnancy progress like a champ.

Pregnancy Progress: How to Measure Your Journey

In this guide, we’ll break down everything from how to tell if you're actually pregnant to monthly milestones and other fun facts along the way. Let's dive into it!

How Do You Know if You’re Pregnant?

Okay, before we get into tracking your pregnancy progress- let’s first confirm whether or not there's actually something cooking in that oven of yours.

Here are some early signs that indicate pregnancy:

  • A missed period
  • Nausea/vomiting/constant urge-to-puke—anything but green eggs!
  • Breast tenderness
  • Feeling bloated or gassy
  • Fatigue for days

If any of these symptoms sound familiar — congratulations! Looks like there's an embryo hanging out in your uterus—but seriously though—it could be anything else too since most women experience one or two symptoms every month anyway /poop/.

So how do you know for sure? Only two ways - pee on a stick at home (pregnancy test), or visit a doctor and take their tests which they undoubtedly make look more sophisticated than those regular home kits /eye roll/.

Months One Through Three

The first trimester is said to last 13 weeks — We all can agree; It sounds overly precise with its definition but okay…we'll play ball with science.

Symptoms during this time include nausea (morning sickness aka "all day mourning", anyone?), fatigue (nap-time galore!), tender breasts... oh ok fine(like she doesn't have them normally!) , heightened sense-of-smell sensitivity (the odour of a fragrance-free zone becomes their boyfriends next february?) and mood swings (where every emotion takes the Gold medal!)

Your little peanut is currently growing from an embryo to a fetus, making this period especially important for those newly pregnant women.The following chart will break your mind on how they've even classified it:

Stage Length Weight
4 Wks Size of Poppy seed Ranges from 1-3mg.
8 Wks Size of Raspberry Approximately ends up weighing around .6 oz/16 grams
12 Wks The size of Plum The baby’s weight holds at around half an ounce now /proud parents!/.

Month Four Through Six

You’ve made it over the hurdle that is first trimester; congratulations you deserve multiple scoops.

Symptoms during these upcoming months may include # all signs lead here-“A Growing Bump” but additionally you might notice shortness-of-breath creeping in too(can someone please pass me my inhaler?). Healthcare professionals term this “dyspnea”. More so, you'll also feel the sensation like bats are doing laps in your stomach(cute metaphor). Again, nothing to freak out about unless there's actual chaos going inside. Best bet? Simply pat yourself and take some deep breaths because trust us…It gets crazier as they grow bigger.

The fetus length should be seven to ten inches long by month six since he is rapidly gaining pounds—getting ready for being carried around after birth instead(no big deal).

The fetal age can easily confuse any individual due to measurements calculated using two systems: either gestational age (measured starting with LMP(last menstrual period)) or fetal age(starting with conception day(that normal people probably need rocket science degree certification in order to calculate)

Regardless of the system one utilizes, here's how to gauge your pregnancy progress:

Pregnancy Milestone Description
Quickening “A fluttery feeling” (or even a mild shove!) that occurs in uterus. Typically felt occurring between weeks 16-25
Second Trimester Week 13 marks the beginning of second trimester and will now last until end of week 26
Linea Nigra You might notice a linea nigra ((“black line”) beginning right below belly button and leading all way down

Month Seven Through Nine

Wait wait wait...Pregnancy is actually ten months long? That’s just rude when you think about it…Why does everyone insist on referring to "the nine-month marathon" /sighs/. Everyone was lying!

As we enter into month seven up through delivery day, you’re likely starting to feel the baby move more prominently: As per healthcare workers’ terminology this motion-spree has been termed as “fetal movement” with an average time-span for fetuses residing around thirty-two weeks before enjoying life outside their uterine home. Additionally,it strikes some moms(midwives) either via transverse or cephalic around thirty-five weeks mark.

It is said that motherhood bliss truly sets in starting from third trimester.Oh boy,you’ll finally have come face-to-face with frequent urination & muscle cramps are getting extreme; let’s not forget ‘pregnancy insomnia’ where momma bears-don’t sleep but they still look fabulous flipping over every few minutes like hotcakes!.

During these final months preparation should also be made regarding hospital registration procedures/insurance policies.Likewise,right after birth(a.k.a during postpartum stage),not only will mom need insurance coverage,but baby as well.So one should start haggling,now!

Finally,it's baby time! At this point, mom can kiss goodbye to suitcase-only traveling and say hello to diaper bags-forgetting along with the gross contents therein /yuck/. Babies typically arrive around forty weeks(the average span) putting an end to an era of journey and prenatal memories.However,this is just frist phase where parents encounter many more life lessons. So get ready for another marathon in front you if parenting.

In conclusion,tracking your pregnancy progress helps keep a tab on changes happening inside as well as outside. With these simple ways,easy & fun months chart,you’ll be able enjoy every moment of it while also being mindful about keeping track precisely both before birth/afterwards (preparing themselves).

A beautiful story awaits…a new bond between two people(a mom and her newborn child), expressing their gratitude towards each other!

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