Pregnancy Swelling 101: What Makes Feet Puff Up

Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes to a woman's body, some of which can be quite startling. One common effect that many pregnant women experience is swelling in their feet and ankles. In fact, it's estimated that around 75% of expectant mothers will suffer from this condition at some point during their pregnancy.

Pregnancy Swelling 101: What Makes Feet Puff Up

But what causes this swelling? And more importantly, what can you do to combat it? Read on for some helpful tips and tricks!

Edema Explained

Firstly, let's get into the science behind swollen feet during pregnancy. The term for this type of puffiness is edema (pronounced eh-dee-muh), and it occurs when fluid builds up in your tissues.

Edema commonly appears as puffiness or swelling in areas like the hands, legs, and feet -- often making wearing shoes uncomfortable or even impossible!

Why Does It Happen?

So now we know what edema is -- but why exactly does it happen during pregnancy?

Well for starters, hormonal fluctuations play a big role here; as your body prepares for childbirth it retains more fluids than usual to help preserve an adequate blood volume increase throughout gestation period . Also becoming pregnant increases the pressure on blood vessels in certain parts within your pelvis area --- there’s nothing like being surrounded by tiny humans! This combination makes our lower extremities especially susceptible to retaining fluid.

Another factor may also be excess sodium intake-- something plenty of us fall prey too- whether we are expecting little people or not! So reducing those salty meals could end up lessening swollen fate FEET.

When Will My Ankles Look Normal Again?

Many times after giving birth /or delivering tiny humans ,the postpartum period signifies health returning back to normalcy - therefore seeing reduced levels of discomfort all over again.This might make you wonder: how soon after giving birth will my feet return to their normal size? And unfortunately, there's no magic answer. It can really vary depending on your individual body and delivery experience.

In fact,your activity level postpartum is a prime factor in speed of your fluid loss. are A lack of regular exercising coupled with standing or sitting for prolonged periods - does not equally help regulate the swelling effects around our lower extremities. Another key consideration here is breastfeeding which helps pump up hormone levels that ,in turn stimulate higher rates of water metabolization.This leads to swelling reduction.

Combat Swelling With Healthy Hydration

While you can't always control everything happening in your body during pregnancy or postpartum period,you do have some power too try out certain precautionary measures . Some good suggestions include :

  • Drinking plenty of fluids

    Though it might seem contradicting we tend toward thinking that when our system retains excessive fluid its due to hydration inadequacy.However adequate intake actually ensures all this flood flows and gets flushed out the right way!# irony

  • Tracking Salt Intake

    As mentioned before,sodium only contributes more into edema.So ensure you check food labels ( especially canned items)and try seasoning diets with herbs instead.

  • Compression Stockings

    These thickly padded socks are touted for relieving compression areas while promoting circulation throughout affected posture like legs.Therefore keeping them on hand within ready reach could save day(s)..comfort wise.

Bathing In Epsom Salts:

Ever heard about naturally occurring mineral compound known as magnesium sulfate ? Well imagine soaking tired/ puffy feet inside warm bath mixed with Epson salts release healthy amounts magnesium which serve as natural anti inflammatory agent..what relief!

You Are Not Alone

Swollen feet aka Edema happen to many expectant moms-Touch & Play be kind too swollen means a lot to your mental well-being & further overall physical health as it contributes to keeping possible negative effects of increased pressure from water retention / prolonged standing at bay.I.e varicose veins.

So do not hesitate keep in touch with OBs(midwives) and other medical professionals just incase this condition never goes away even after proper actions recommended ,They can advise best course towards comfort,health,and relief.

Do Not Panic

No matter how overwhelming the swelling may feel, try not freak outToo much.Stress levels only makes matters worse .Overall pregnancy related edema is usually temporary and by taking responsibility you could help maintain control of things that are within your reach! And remember -- soon enough those little ones waddling around causing havoc will prove far more effectual when its time for kick off their shoes at the end of the day..

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