Pregnancy’s Acid Reflux Riddle: Solved!

Pregnancy is the magical time when you feel like someone has abandoned a burning oil rig in your chest. Acid reflux or heartburn during pregnancy can be an outright pain, quite literally! It is common for almost two-thirds of pregnant women to experience heartburn as their hormones go into overdrive, and the growing fetus presses against their stomach.

Nevertheless, there’s no need to suffer through these nine long months with acid-reflux misery! We’ve got some tips and tricks up our sleeve that will keep things under control.

First Things First

Before we get onto any specific tips, let’s discuss how it all happens.

When you eat food, it moves to your stomach via esophagus (a tube-like structure). A circular muscle called lower esophageal sphincter(LES) opens up whenever food passes by and then tightens again afterwards. This process keeps food from flowing back into the esophagus aka "refluxing."

During pregnancy though, lots of hormonal changes occur - one such change causes LES muscles to relax more often than usual causing acid reflex - yep its not rocket science.

Some may have pre-existing gerd which worsens due to these conditions.

And voila’ – that brings us straight too what we came here today for- Productive solutions!

The list could seem rigorous but trust us; we are on this journey together!


We bet our money on this one!

Keep track of foods/ beverages ... especially spicy ones that fuel your fiery belly so you know what tp steer clear off , and well stay away from them.

This does mean Pizza can't stop being bae during pregnancy however sticking away from those 'extra chillies' won’t do harm anyone right? Portions also do justice when trying to dodge the reflux (let's say goodbye to that notion of 'eating for two everyone!


We know most times eating does feel like a sheer uphill task during pregnancy, but empty stomachs as an attempt in dodging acid reflux would simply not work. As they say food solves everything! Healthy yet delicious meals are way to go, that additional kicj brought by freshly cooked alluring cuisine can surely add spice i.e fiesta tummy time.

Here is what we are suggesting -

#1 Make protein-rich diet your best friend.

This means indulging yourself towards poultry [chicken-Disclaimer: ensure it’s well-cooked],meat etc. Go ahead load up some proteins & give those hormones some relief!

#2 Fibre might just be your backbone this one.

Slow insertions make fiber a great route in avoiding scary heartburn moments.

Fruits and vegetables ringing high when considering dietary fibers – so guava? Sure why Not.Apples even Berries .Greens like spinach broccoli ,peas also have got excellent shelf life giving us lessened chances of any mealtime distriers

It doesn't always seem this easy we swear, try breaking down portions through out the day rather than have them all at once which eventually results into bloating belching or you know..hiccups .

PS - Water consumption shall become your weapon

Keeping our mommy readers hydrated remains indispensable focusing on an intake ranging anywhere from 8-10 glasses of water [if lemon infused yumm!, ginger zestsorbet if needed] While what subtle hydration puts towards combating acid influxes is admirable aiming higher might just be key -smiling endurance ahem should remain undisturbed always!


Gravity sure hates the pregnant lot... The reason for afternoon nap turning actoss quite comfortably breezing daytime activity. Make sure bed rest isnt a skytrocketing affair! Thoughsleepinf on left helps loosen pressure of growing uterus intact it inspires the idea of foods sliding back.

A couple bumpy pillows help dont underestimate their power to get that shaft your way. More so same applies resting right after meals never felt like something well received so refraining from over-pampering tummy should be courteous too!


Stress can worsen GERD sympathetically; times while we are at it certain sorrows simply cannot stay out. Indulge in stress eating or under-eating during pregnant seasons shall do more harm than good putting pressure directly into acid reflux zones an act in discretion is however pronounced

Adding... Yoga move like 'cat-cow' does wonder when applied, other brain recovery games as simple 5-minute time-ins where you indulge in thoughtful breathing exercises? Count us already grins


From choosing clothing attire for preganct women an easier escape would be making sure clothes fit really comfortably and especially post mealtime. Built up stress ought to cause waves within ...Its all Science but don’t bore us with logic rn alright? Just make sure ligaments feel no added strictures.

Too tight meant needs to land its way straight onto discarded pile far from reach our folks!


When considering consumptions beyond water – Milk has gotten immense praise reducing heart burn episode efficiency similar rising aluminum foil here truly , even herbal tea goodness ginger peppermint lessened towards bloating & calming attuned turbulence regardless charm many aren't aware off

Lemon-. Infused?.Water anyone not just refreshes insides but also rids away any toxicity oh yes anti-oxidant drinking competitions by all means enviable

Alcohol shaky grounds however once every blue moon one drink wouldn't hurt right?

Let's take this moment to remind you’ll that this is’nt an excuse to drink yourself silly Promoting smooth yet temporary escape towards acid reflux we cannot however promote over-indulgence either


Certain medications during pregnancy times are put down way too many times for ignored - bad judge of character is what they call it.

While some amount of home remedies can help eased the heart burn, when the pain gets chronic It is best and highly recommendable seeking medical advice after all doctors know in and out about what shall work efficiently.

Antiacid tablets have always proved a boon! Prescriptive Antacids like Omeprazole Famotidine etc keeping stomach acids at bay providing relief needed guaranteed ensuring continuous dosage without break certainly our goto under any scenario!

It would be really helpful being honest with healtgh providers on how often one may look utilizing such facilities plus 101 breakdown of each medication prescribed validating trust through transparency undeniably key even in medical settings

PS – Precaution goes beyond taking pills. known allergies or past health concerns should always be reported mentioning if there has ever been neurological damages records should forever come in handy .


Smaller activities like avoiding certain activities will never hurt these steps making sure full commitment remain contained towards starin decision today put forward might assist towards comfortable tomorrow.

Smoking while pregnant not only harms baby directly but also intensifies hormone levels function causing acid reflex situations same with intake caffeine & alcohol shpuod first response off limits its entirety

Standing long hours continuously shall stress-out muscles eventually stagnating blood flow ideal scenarios whilst sitting before standing up again ! Even following postures provided by physiotherapist helps stopping stance resulting into muscle fatigue deciding pace maneuver pushing away disruptions...blissful peace.. here we finally are!


Walking amusing right? Not an old wives tale at all!

Walking stimulates natural production towards digestion enzymes...means sad food shall be digested more quickly guaranteeing if you dare come back to regular standing in no time relief might just flow through into system once again.


Always leave this one the last

Refrain from tight situations when clothes is concerned hair up, bra off! Making sure oxygen levels enhanced lowering chances of refluxes happening frequently, ooph hurrah a way out yanno . Wouldn't put it passed us being comfortable and getting good rest wouldn’t hurt either.

We hope we convinced our pregnant fabulous women folks to tackle acid reflex hence also nailed ways on steering away from the trouble. Ps: We know that soda/energy drinks temptation; try herbal tea instead.

Happy mothering dreams ahead 😉

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