Pregnant and Sick? Discover Safe Cold Medicine Options!

Being pregnant can be one of life's greatest joys, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Add a cold to the mix and you have yourself a recipe for misery.

Pregnant and Sick? Discover Safe Cold Medicine Options!

No one wants to feel like they're stuck in an eternal game of "sniffles and sneezes", so understandably many women who are expecting seek out medication that will alleviate their symptoms. However, when it comes to taking medicine during pregnancy, caution is key!

Luckily, there are safe options for pregnant women who are suffering from nose-blowing, cough-inducing colds! In this article we'll take a look at some tried-and-true remedies that won't harm your unborn child.

When To Seek Medical Attention

Before diving into possible treatments, let's first get some general ground-rules out of the way: if your cold lasts longer than 7 days or if you experience any unusual symptoms such as a high fever or shortness of breath it is important to seek medical attention immediately! These could be signs that something more serious than just a common virus is at play.

The Best Cold Relief Pills During Pregnancy

When dealing with colds during pregnancy most doctors recommend turning towards natural herbs like echinacea or using over-the-counter options approved by OBGYNs. Here are some examples:

  1. Tylenol (Acetaminophen): While not specifically used for treating the common cold itself--this pain reliever has been deemed safe by physicians even for extended use throughout all three trimesters.
  2. Chlor Tabs Decongestant Tablets: Approved by several leading obstetricians & gynecologists across America as well as earning recognition from both WebMD & Babycenter; Chlor tabs provide relief via reduction on inflammation within your sinus passages(+)

Natural Painkillers That Can Help Women Who Are Pregnant or Nursing

Stronger painkillers should be used less frequently, usually only when other natural remedies have not provided enough relief. Amongst the many options available are:

  1. Ginger: This magical ingredient has been known to help with inflammation & provide substantial boosts in immunity.
  2. Garlic: Another staple for those seeking immune system support--garlic can also alleviate symptoms synonymous of common colds--including easing pressure in your head.

Managing Your Symptoms at Home

In addition to medication and treatments, there are several ways you can manage your symptoms from home:

Rest Up!

Getting plenty of rest is crucial when you're feeling under the weather but, let's be honest... who doesn't like a guilt-free chance to snooze? Seize this opportunity! Make sure and give yourself enough time each night to get a good sleep (at least 7 hours). Prop up some pillows if necessary or invest in an adjustable bed frame that will create a perfect position for sleeping.

Stay Hydrated

Staying well hydrated helps thin out mucus - which reduces unpleasant coughing so make sure you drink ample amounts of clear liquids throughout the day! Preferably water but try adding some lemon juice! The vitamin C content acts as an antioxidant that benefits boosting your immune functions.

Vitamin-C Rich Foods Good During Pregnancy

It may seem tedious having to repeat information again about vitamins but it is worth repeating here since they play such an important role during pregnancy: eating foods rich in Vitamin C provides essential antioxidants so don't overlook them!

Fruits including Citruses (Oranges / Lemons), Strawberries, Guava and Kiwi offer plentiful sources of nutrients(+) . Eating fibrous vegetables such as Red peppers alongside greens including Broccoli & Kale add both variety and flavors while containing powerful Vitamins packed inside.

Final Thoughts

When tackling a cold during pregnancy it's always best practice for any expecting mother to stick with safe and natural remedies. From echinacea supplements & Tylenol for pain relief, ginger or garlic teas, making sure you rest well--all of these work together in not only helping immediate symptom management but additionally aiding the strengthening development of your unborn child.

So, ditch that cough syrup from your medicine cabinet-drawer once and for all! Instead stock up on some soups, hydrate yourself through water and clear liquids; eat foods high in vitamin C throughout each day's meals. And above all else - try to relax as much as possible so those hours do wonders towards maintaining optimal health (+).

(+) Note: Always speak with a physician if unsure about particular risks concerning medication use during pregnancy/cold management practices.

Remember, protect yourself at all times by prioritizing safety no matter what care-taking route works best--cold medicines should never risk the safety of both moms-to-be's nor their precious little ones growing inside them!

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