Protect Your Pregnancy: Avoid These Foods with What Not to Eat When Pregnant App

Protect Your Pregnancy: Avoid These Foods with What Not to Eat When Pregnant App

Congratulations! You've got a bun in the oven, and you are looking forward to meeting your new little one. However, there's one thing you need to keep in mind - what you eat now can have a massive impact on your baby's health. Unfortunately, not all food is safe for pregnant women, and knowing what not to eat when pregnant can be challenging without some guidance.

Thanks to technology advancements, we introduce the 'What Not To Eat When Pregnant' app that every expecting mom must-have. The app provides you with relevant information regarding which foods are off-limits during pregnancy clearly indicated by categories ranging from beverages & drinks down to seafood or fish.

Sushi? Say "Sayonara"!

Surely sushi lovers may very well loathe this category because raw fish is no-no during pregnancy as it typically houses potentially harmful bacteria and parasites like Listeria monocytogenes or Vibrio vulnificus (sounds nasty). Such microorganisms could lead directly or indirectly cause complications like miscarriages, stillbirths, premature deliveries onset of sepsis(Another word that means blood infection)in newborn babies delivered from affected mothers; hence severe anxiety hangs around this subject.

But hey! Don't despair just yet – opting for cooked sushi rolls instead would make an excellent alternative option since they pose minimal risk (Better Safe Than Sorry, right?)

Below is an overview of other food categories pregnant women should shy away:

Soft Cheeses Are A No-Go Area????

Avoid soft cheeses such as Feta cheese made out of unpasteurized milk(Yes Mama Goat is cute but sorry Mama, we don't want her milk). All types mentioned above harbor potential risks for contracting listeria borne illnesses responsible for causing meningitis infection buildup known as encephalitis among infants resulting in death(We don't want that, do we?) Good news for Cheese enthusiasts is there are several safe cheese options readily available and everything you need to learn about them are on the app!

Farewell Alcohol????

Just Can't stress enough No alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Though studies suggest minimal alcohol intake may be harmless but generally recommended to prohibit consuming it entirely since it could harm your baby negatively; causing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) resulting from abnormal development affecting facial features like eyes or ears & intellects of the unborn child.

But hey! this just means you have nine months of partying ends with mocktails get exotic, show off those bartending skills - and be creative without any risks – thank us later☺

Navigating through Seafood Options___

Fish has been a go-to protein source for centuries globally containing essential nutrients beneficial to both mother and child health-wise; however, certain fish species harbor concerning levels of methylmercury(Another dreadfully scary word). Hence 'What not To Eat When Pregnant' provides users detailed guidance regarding safe seafood options avoiding potential complications such as mercury poisoning posing adverse effects on fetal brain development.

Other topics covered by What Not To Eat during Pregnancy App include:

Caffeine Perils ☕

Expectant mothers should opt primarily for decaf coffee variants minimizing caffeine intakes up no more than 200 milligrams daily sufficient amount to kickstart your day's activities with vigor – simply cut back on drips per day (we care about your well-being)

Exotic Fruit No-Nos ????????

Certain tropical fruit varieties famous worldwide pose harmful risks during pregnancy aiding choline element commonly found in them that stimulates uterine contractions leading discharge called preterm labor- Mango Lassi sounds tempting right? Let's skip❌

It's vital always to take precautions to avoid risks and ensure the safety of your unborn child during such a critical time. The 'What Not To Eat When Pregnant' app is here to help you out effortlessly through personalized pregnancy dietary journey-updating notifications provided periodically for users regarding necessary dietary changes, planning meals convenient and stress-free. Everything you ever need at your disposal with just a few taps away click on download now!

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