Prune Power: The Magic Number to Ease Constipation

Constipation, a topic most of us avoid talking about in public; but let's admit it - we all have suffered at some point in our lives. It is that feeling when you are stuck between rock and a hard place, hoping for everything to pass smoothly. That moment of desperation when the relief from constipation seems like reaching out for the last straw.

Prune Power: The Magic Number to Ease Constipation

But worry no more! We are here with an ultimate solution to your problem- PRUNES!

We bet you already know about prunes' ability to ease constipation, which is why you're probably here. However, we will take this opportunity to optimize their use and show how they work wonders on your digestive system. Read on as we reveal just how many prunes does it takes to keep those bowels moving efficiently.

Let's Get Technical: What Is Constipation?

Before delving into the benefits of consuming these dried fruits, let’s break down what constipation really is.

When stool isn't pushed through your colon regularly or completely removed from the body during bowel movements – that’s when problems begin. When water content reduces from feces while passing through the colon without discharge leads towards building up harder stools which then make them difficult or painful (yes, ouch) during evacuation - this has been happening usually due to [4] low fiber diets or poor water intake (oops!).

No worries though! You can combat this issue by making changes such as incorporating high-fiber foods and fluids in everyday habits.That being said- prune juice could be just what doctor ordered.

Getting Familiar With Pruned Up Fruits

Prunes aren’t any ordinary fruit; they’re considered “dried plums.” Due primarily [7]to its versatility & portability factor,it was named among top-ranking dry fruit vendors sold globally. Here’s a table to help you know more!

Prune Powerhouse Power Quantity
Fiber 3grams
Potassium 290milligrams


Prunes: How Do They Help with Constipation?_

As mentioned above, constipation is caused by several reasons. So in order to deal with different kinds of this ailment, there are numerous ways prunes can work their magic:

Magic Number - The Serving Size

It's often known that ingesting wholesome servings matter! That's why we say "keep the prune doctor away!". Consuming these dried fruits as small handfuls or smashed down (as juice form) could wonders and inhibit gas_tro-in-testinal problems.

5-61 count yielding ---> 25 milligram Sorbitol per piece --> a natural laxative for relief.

We recommend consuming them approximately 30 minutes before eating your first meal of breakfast.

Let’s Get Science-y – Fructose vs Sorbitol

Fructose Sugar has immense health impacts, but sorbitol sugar still rules over it when it comes to treatment for constipation [2]. It requires less energy enzymatically & works ultra-smoothly on our digestive systems. And guess what fruit contains loads of it? We'll give you three guesses.

That’s right- Prunes!

Thus sorbitol promotes bowel movements via osmotic water flow- leading towards avoiding those hard rocklike stools (never mind how strongly they were attached).

Osmosis Diaries- Your Body Love Crafting Fluids

Our bodies love fluids, and so do the intestines. When osmosis occurs, cells push out excess liquids through semipermeable membranes until molecules remain stable from both sides; outside and inside intestine walls specifically[4].

Making It A Habit

Prune juice is not the only way to consume prunes, nor it may suit your taste buds. So what else can you do? Well, here are some innovative ways!

Pruned Yogurt Parfait

Ready for desert or weight loss diet inspired?

  • Layer Greek yogurt with sliced bananas and sprinkle crumbled graham crackers.
  • Add two poached prunes on top. -Take a deep breath in while appreciating this labor of love creation.

This could turn out to be one of the perfect sources of fiber taking our bowel movements through smooth sailing all week long.

_- maybe make sure poop doesn't coincide next time! _

Drinking The Elixir - Special Recipe

Prune Juice sounds basic? Not anymore!

Combine prune juice alongside freshly squeezed lime or lemon for balance (depending on personal preference). For an extra punch add grated ginger and mix well before serving. Ready to go!

In Conclusion

And there you have it folks – our guide to the extent that will give you 'a new lease of life'. That important information about how many prunes should be consumed based on age group and lifestyle demands; putting a net positive effect towards digestive health benefits. Whether eaten whole as dried fruits or derived into yummy recipes – the world's most forgotten fruit is their own superhero when combating internal battles in maintaining metabolism levels.

So let’s start inviting those plums into your pantry and replenishing your gut today!

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