Pumped Milk Woes: Can Baby Catch Thrush?

As a new mother, you may be pumping milk and storing it for later use. Pumping breast milk is a great way to ensure that your child is still getting the nutrients they need when you're not available to nurse them. However, sometimes pumped milk can lead to unexpected problems - like thrush.

Pumped Milk Woes: Can Baby Catch Thrush?

What Is Thrush?

Thrush is an infection caused by Candida albicans fungi. It's typically found in the mouth or diaper area of babies but can also affect moms' nipples and breasts if breastfeeding occurs. Symptoms include white patches on the gums, tongue, cheeks or throat; pain during feeding; fussiness after eating; redness around baby's anus (diaper rash); vaginal itch or soreness experienced by moms (ouch!)). Left untreated, thrush can be very uncomfortable and even interfere with feeding schedules.

The Connection Between Pumped Milk And Thrush

Breast pumps are known for their ability to extract milk from mammary glands efficiently without causing nipple damage. However, while breastmilk itself does not contain yeast which causes thrush infections commonly present in adults bodies', fungal spores may contaminate the pump apparatus becoming transmitted to stored pumped milk containers through unsterilized equipment,

So if there were any organisms present near breast pump parts/containers of expressed milk before usage such as handling letdowns with unwashed hands following skin contact with contaminated surfaces before touching store-bought bags adding extra moisture deposits into bottles/tubes then these yeasts stick together inside tiny droplets generated during mechanical suction rendering intruding larvae/pupae finding sanctuary where conditions favor survival leading eventually down paths toward thriving colonies telling mom what ingredient(s) exactly do away this issue sounds biblical at best? No worries continue reading to find out how!

Can Baby Get Thrush From Drinking/Feeding On Expired / Contaminated Milk?

Thrush can survive on some surfaces for weeks, such as milk-compartments bottles/bags in the fridge. The extent to which it can pass from a mother's milk to her baby is not yet known but expired or contaminated liquid may reduce your babies' immunity by limits resulting increased oral thriving triggering systemic infections around their body practically wreaking havoc into each and every corner of the frame! Thus general consensus advocates extra caution when feeding newborns through pumped container because you never know!

How To Prevent Thrush In Pumped Milk

Luckily there are many things you can do to avoid thrush attacks while using breast pumps – here are several measures worth considering.

Sterilize Breast Pump Or Its Parts (Especially After Use)

To minimize chances of yeast growth Inside pump parts after usage; cleaning all necessary equipment right after finishing feeding/milk production schedules thoroughly is essential. This consists of intensive scrubbing with warm soapy water for about 20 seconds followed up by boiling sterilization lastly drying procedures that ensure proper maintenance prolonging life cycle without any risk presented should it gets mixed with food jars meant solely consumption dietary purposes over extended periods posing constant threats lurking out there kids/elderly alike.

A final word on aesthetics: none of this process will stamp certificates attesting previous scenarios causing potential exposure leading ultimately ruin brand new clothing/furniture (or other unmentionables) hopefully preventing future incidents matter forevermore at least until next time!

Check The Expiration Date Of Stored containers Before Use

When storing excess available amounts unpasteurized breastmilk, Always remember labelling each bag/container complete freeze-thaw-log(FTL) mechanisms explicitly recount details stacked therein. Furthermore, check expiry dates before consuming/electing donor privates' stored reserves for comforting assurance guarantees perfect health outcomes now & somewhere down further lines as additional precautionary steps should anything unforeseen rear its ugly head tries sneaking up behind unfortunately becoming ever lower likelihood with each measure implemented solidifying defenses erected inside to possible external threats lurking out there.

Address Any Symptoms Of Thrush Immediately

If you suspect thrush in either mom's nipples or baby’s mouth, it is important to seek professional medical assistance immediately. Early treatment normally reduces transmission rates of this invasive yeast avoiding any continuous life cycles rampaging throughout oral cavity rapidly closing down school playgrounds for quite some time coming forth with unique benefit should experience recurrences allowed complete healing maintaining high resiliency moving forward thank god signals sent instantaneous fashion allowing decisive action reactions without significant setbacks delays brought on by bureaucratic inefficiencies throwing monkey wrenches around.


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