Puree Corn for Baby: A Beginner’s Guide!

Are you a new parent searching for different meal options to ensure your little one gets the right nutrients? Search no more. This article is all about how to make pureed corn from scratch to tantalize your baby's taste buds.

The Benefits of Pureeing Corn

Corn is an excellent food option for babies, especially when it has been pureed properly. Here are some reasons why:

  • Corn contains essential nutrients such as vitamins B and C.
  • It promotes healthy digestion due to its high fiber content.
  • It is easy to prepare and can be made in bulk quantities, saving parents' time and effort.

Preparing the Corn

To begin with, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Sweetcorn
  • Water

Here are the steps of preparing puree corn:

  1. Take fresh sweetcorn and remove its kernels from the cob.
  2. Rinse them well under cold running water before transferring into a pot or saucepan.
  3. Add enough water that covers all kernels and bring it on boil over medium heat.
  4. Once boiling reduce heat cover pan/pot partially using lid simmering until soft (6-10 minute).
  5. Drain excess liquid reserve if needed, then pasteurize either using blender/food processor or create smooth paste mouli strainer add reserved liquid or any formula/breast milk required getting desired consistency but not runny.


When selecting which non-GMO uniform nice yellow color kernel/freshness plant spacing matters prefers rows rather than contiguous planting depth?

Now that we've dealt with preparation let us move onto cooking tips!

Cooking Time

Cooking Tips

A perfect meal takes many years of practice and learning through the different methods, tricks shortcuts that make it all come together seamlessly. Below are some cooking tips:


Boiling sweetcorn kernels is one of the simplest ways to cook them for your baby's meals. One must keep the following considerations in mind when boiling corn.

  • Avoid overcooking as this can result in starchy/pasty texture.
  • Stir occasionally while boiling as it helps mixture consistency within pan.
  • The addition of salt is not necessary; babies under six months should not be introduced since recommended maximum intake 1 g/day (considered high) potentially lead kidney issues on prolonged use.


Steaming corn means using room temperature water vapor to heat kernels softly without losing much content nutrients waste into drained water here you may prefer a steamer basket or vegetable steamer insert but boils downside need additional utensil during straining/reducing liquid content just offer adequate softness no compromise with nutrition contained another alternative method grill - tastes exceptional uniquely flavored would like spices/herbs rubs add increasing likeliness mouthwatering success little taste exploration.


Microwaving enforces rapid action using only microwave-safe bowl/dishcover then continue cooking until properly heated throughout covering ensures smoothness avoiding dehydration/charring while reheating adjust intake pro rations any time availability save efforts comparatively more straightforward clean-up process yet distinct odour might push away senses therefore wrap aluminium foil wouldn't diffuse away towards entire kitchen area eliminating unwanted odours stuffiness, ultimately making your culinary experience eye-pleasing aroma!

Pureeing Corn

Puree Time

After preparation and cooking, we move onto pureeing. Here comes every parent's favorite task: pureeing. It sounds daunting at first, right? But do not worry; it just comes to trying out different formulas until one finally clicks. Here is how we make perfect corn purée:


Mashing is the most basic and easy form of preparing meal for babies using only hands, forks or potato mashers consistency differs although mostly makes lumps/hard probably minimal nutrition lost compared other techniques also tastes a bit raw due granules present.


Blenders are an excellent tool at your disposal in every household kitchen; however, they come with varying features - immersion/handheld blender fits into any mixing bowl preferred option DIY homemade baby food size wattage depends on budgets/quantity easily available mortar pestle grinds mixture onto smoothness relatively cost-effective purchase addition always straightforward clean hassle-free maintainance pitch powerful higher-end models suited pureeing various ingredients consistently paying attention noise levels vibrations that can cause disruption nearby environment.

Food processor

Investing few dollars into trusted brand name classic universal motor 5-10 cup sizes deliver outstanding results relatively noiseless rapid efficient chopping vegetation reduces macro-nutrient destruction versatile multi-purpose device accessories such simple mix-ins leading comfortable transition bigger types more complex styles once current appliance reaches its peak performnanc besides whip egg whites meringue improve cooking skills learn new dishes tantalizing moments range same time time-saving considerable help when managing households while engaging special occasions under control.

Now that you have tried all three methods mentioned above, you can choose the method which suits your preference. No worries even if there aren't any whirring appliances available around the house- mouli strainer upper grinding plate forces through mesh obtained residue smoothes paste giving consistent performances without electricity entirely consistent yet equally effective!

Storing Pureed Corn

Storage Time

Storing Puree corn correctly guarantees safety & retaining nutrient content remains uncompromised longer duration here are a few ways:

  • After pureeing, divide the mixture into small storage containers and freeze them to provide enough space for future meals. Perfect sizes - 1-2 oz increments that reduces food waste leading consistent delivery healthy mealtime routine.
  • Tightly seal or cover the storage containers, ensuring stable temperature in freezers over +32F avoiding breakage.
  • Alternatively use vacuum sealed personalized bags chose smaller packages from numerous vendors sold as per demand fitted requirements.


In conclusion, when it comes to your baby's diet plan, it is crucial to make good informed decisions about their health. Corn puree is an excellent choice as it contains vital nutrients necessary for growing children while being easy to prepare quickly. Preparing corn at home assures parents guarantee on nutrient values do not lose time worrying taste judgement babies always prove unpredictable also continuous monitoring help parental engagement establishing trust stability create quiet moments bonding inside precise environment surrounding new lives continue exploring various tastes adding herbs/spices flavour options superior enriching experience.

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