Pushing It Out: Mastering How to Have a Vaginal Birth

Welcome moms-to-be! Congratulations on your pregnancy or just 'congrats' as we say these days. You are glowing already, and the baby bump is showing- Oh! how sweet you look! Don't worry; I can hear you sighing in relief because this article will focus on guiding new mothers through vaginal delivery!

Pushing It Out: Mastering How to Have a Vaginal Birth

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful events in life. Unfortunately, it's rarely all sunshine and rainbows that come with it; certainly not for some women who have to deal with complications either during delivery or postpartum. Despite the hassle, many expectant women still want to experience natural childbirth instead of having their babies delivered via Cesarean Section (C-section).

Hence if you're considering delivering vaginally but unsure about what to anticipate or how best to prepare for labor & delivery - just stick around till the end.

Pre-Labor tips

Let's face it; getting your mind prepared physically as well as mentally will be necessary because things may get hectic along the line.

  • Exercise Regularly: Engage yourself in frequent light exercises such as early morning jogs or yoga(one that targets core muscles). This keeps your body active& relaxed during each trimester.

  • Eat Healthy: A diet composed mainly of greens/fruits ensures that both mom and child maintain adequate nutrition without gaining too much weight too fast.

  • Kegels Exercise: They help strengthen pelvic floor muscles which become stretched during childbirth. They work like magic but please don't forget balanced pelvic exercise routines.

When Is Labor Near? Indications To Look Out For

Signs that indicate uterus contraction have started building up might include:

Mucus Plug Discharge

Some potential signs of labor starting include losing your mucus plug discharge/slime from vagina panty liner. It's an excellent indication it might start soon, but this isn't always consistent for everyone.

Water Breaking

The liquid that encases your baby during pregnancy may rupture or break down in the final week of trimester two or end pregnancy. Kindly clarify if it’s urine leakage and notify your healthcare provider.

Regular Contraction Cycles

This indicates that contractions will occur at intervals which get progressively shorter over time until you eventually give birth- Oh! You can do it (encouragement).

Other Indications: Cramping and some vaginal bleeding may also be early signs of labor approaching, so don't hesitate to consult with your physician!

How To Ease Early Labor Pain & Prepare For Delivery

Early labor pain differs from severe delivery pains/contractions. Here are suggestions on how to lessen pain in preparation for childbirth:


Pregnancy shouldn't prevent anyone from getting a good massage, especially deep-tissue massage sessions around the back region right above your bum-bum (glutes) for hip-supporting muscles during the holistic experience of birth.

Warm baths/showers

Taking a warm bath first before stepping into hot water is ideal when looking to ease contraction cramps' tension/worries.

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When And How To Push The Baby Out!

Yayy!! It is time now! Remember that feeling exhausted is natural after several hours of pushing-it-out(4-10hours), even though you have practiced letting go(the benefits are numerous).

Various steps must be taken carefully towards healthy childbirth as follows:

Breathing deeply - breathe slowly.

One vital recommendation we suggest other than exhaling just like the yoga professionals know-how; breathing accurately aids vaginal muscle tightening. Inhale softly while relaxing between each push out breath !Don’t hold/bear down too much! This relaxes both mother's chest& baby too.

Pushing Right

It's okay to take a break between pushing. After every contraction, draw your knees into your chest & take(deep relaxing breaths) in and out before starting over again.

To engage the right muscles you need when bearing down during labor, make sure you use the squatting position or try sitting on an exercise ball with legs spread apart(ensuring hips open up). Focus on engaging all around instead of top-down, but always bear in mind that while trying vaginal delivery is worth it; there'll be moments where pain can potentially ensue!

Listen And Negotiate Positions With Midwife

We know you get tired after multiple hours of labor- don't push yourself by using positions that are painful for long periods once hurting! Get involved with your midwife and listen to suggestions as regards what births positions might work best at different times/ stages/ phases during childbirth - ensuring baby’s health as well! It's great being able to have a say since most women heal faster after going through the natural process.

Final Thoughts On Vaginal Birth Delivery

If this Pregnancy experience was juicier than milkshakes-yum! 😋(I bet it was), ensure not leaving out regular clinic check-ins because studying some aspects about pregnancy prepares both body/mindset effectively for easier childbirth-the reason we went through these practices. Remember: This post doesn't depend solely on doctors' recommendations about C-section alternatives. It serves only as an informative guide giving tips from experienced moms-to-be who've gone through it via their obstetrician's go-ahead!

Don’t feel intimidated if complications occur while attempting vaginal delivery(such cases will need cesarean section sometimes). Just focus positively towards delivering beautiful children naturally.

So here’s wishing expectant mothers good luck in their final pregnancy trimester journey & safe deliveries. 🤰👶

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