Raise the Bar: Tips to Elevate Crib for Reflux

As a parent, you always want your baby to stay healthy and happy. However, when they suffer from reflux, it can cause discomfort and disturbances during sleep.

Raise the Bar: Tips to Elevate Crib for Reflux

Thankfully, there are some simple ways to help alleviate this issue. By raising the bar of their crib or bed, you can encourage better digestion and smoother sleeping patterns.

Here are some tips on how to elevate the crib for reflux:

1. Let Gravity Do Its Thing

Gravity is more than just a force that keeps you grounded - it also plays an important role in helping babies with reflux get better rest. By elevating their head above their stomach while sleeping, gravity helps keep stomach acids where they belong.

Use wedges or rolled-up towels placed under one end of the mattress or under each side of the legs at the foot-end of your little one's bed frame if possible. That way your baby will sleep comfortably without sliding down towards bottom corners trying - but failing! - To escape until morning arrives!

2. Keep Your Baby Near You

Solitude offers comfort for many ailments but not so much with reflux issues as we wouldn't want them too far away from us all by themselves which might lead us pacing up-and-down for hours on end through crying fits galore... (you know what I'm talking about!)

A co-sleeper attached right by Mum or Dad's bedside is a great solution that could make everyone involved get more deep sleep updates underwing regardless if nighttime feedings happen frequently throughout nights absent any time showing sign grogginess next day coming into play only when suspected signs curiously arising.

3.Use Ramps And Glowers

One thing parents can do is use ramps (or even glowers) within limits shown below before realizing those pesky limitations missed due skewed perspectives being thrown around like nobody’s business.

Good news: You don’t have to buy any expensive products for this. All you need are materials that are about the same length as your baby's crib - think bricks, books or pieces of wood (preferably stable re-arrangeable ones while n o t in use) – stacked at one end; make sure they won't move so like bungee cords aren't required.

Bad news: Don’t be too ambitious with it and pile things up beyond what could be deemed reasonable height levelled off since not only is safety paramount but individual physics course their own interesting ways that may cause unintended swings as soon as discomfort levels rise!

4. Think About Your Baby’s Position

If your little bundle prefers sleeping on his backside considering placing them on their side. This will help reduce the likelihood of acid coming up into their esophagus which shall increase chances making extreme coughing much less frequent preventing displeasure raining over life wayyy more than sunshine warmed moments believed possible until now!

Before long nights get started secure baby laying upward toward bedframe edges (no falling off cliffs without applying safeguards beforehand). Pillow tryouts always worth shot! People love pillows after all.

5. Change Up The Formula

Don’t despair if all efforts seem vain...formula might need a switch-up helping everything go smoothly again just do research before implementing changes though choosing correctly oughta significantly improve overall wellbeing patterns seen from previously wimpy results reflected upon during recent times unsatisfactorily observed afar by parents unable finding means resolving.

In conclusion, raising the bar of your baby's crib can make significant differences in easing reflux symptoms through better digestion & sleep quality issues commonly known plaguing nearly every parent world-wide so why continue suffering when alternatives available try some out today?

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