Relief at last: What can I take if constipated?

Ah, the joys of being an adult. You pay bills, cook your meals (well hopefully), and are responsible for handling your own... uh.. poo. Constipation is a painful (and frankly embarrassing) issue that most adults have to deal with at one point or another. If you've been constipated before (who hasn't?) then you know how unpleasant it can be.

Relief at last: What can I take if constipated?

In this article, we'll talk about some of the best ways to relieve constipation without running to the store in panic (or waddling quickly out of embarrassment). So, buckle up sister/brother, let's dive into CONSTIPATION!

The lowdown on poop

Before we even get started here -- it might help to define what normal bowel movements should look like.

Healthy bowel movements should:

  • Be effortless
  • Form well-formed clumps
  • Have no need for straining

Poop comes from digested food particles moving through our intestinal tract and out through our rectum (I'm sorry if this makes you uncomfortable but this fact needed mentioning).

What causes constipation?

There's never really ONE answer since there are many factors that play into being backed up...

1)(Diet): A diet high in sugar/salt/processed foods & lower fiber can lead to slow digestion. 2)(Dehydration): When your body lacks fluids — which 70% is used by your colon during digestiion — this causes dry stools. 3)(Medication use): Antidepressants/Opioids (painkillers) affect movement within digestive system. 4)(Lifestyle choices): Low exercise combined with poor sleep patterns lowers metabolism hence slowing down digestive processes.

So now that we understand why it happens--let's go over a few things beside eating better than Fiber One bars.

Why not try...

It's important to consider that relief isn't always involved with taking medications -- sometimes modifying habits or picking up new ones can help. Here are a few tips to alleviating your plight.

1)(Hydrate): Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day! You want your body hydrated so it won’t absorb fluid from the colon. 2)(Get physical): Outside 30-minutes exercise helps move things along within bowel (even if you have embarrassingly high inclinations towards flatulence). 3)(Good morning America) Try pooping first thing in the morning when muscles are most ready post-sleep & you haven't eaten yet. 4)(Go regularly): Set aside time for consistent toilet use daily.

When home remedies don't cut it

For those past the point of Aidan’s blueberry oatmeal and drinking more fluids--there's hope still, medicinally.

Medication Who might benefit What does it do?
Stimulant Laxatives: Example being Bisacodyl (or Dulcolax) Those needing immediate need & short-term relief. They stimulate the intestines into contracting and pushing waste out
Bulk-forming Laxatives: Such as psyllium Metamucil They absorb liquid content making stools softer/easier-to-pass(suggestion is mix it w/ juice/milk)
Osmotic Laxatives : Miralax is an example here Good for those with discoloration/if bearing down feels painful upon passing belch{...this hurts my stomach writing this} These laxatieves soften poo by allowing their water retention rates to increase
Lubricant-type like Mineral oil which sounds wholesome Ideal for bedridden people as breathing tube complications can arise causing stool load problems. Stops inflammation on site due lubricated internals
Faecal Softeners/Detergents (Docusate) Elderly patients needing prevention from straining// have documented history of fissures(can skip this bullet point)-- due to their stool being hard&causing painful eveac and constipation. Soften the stool/detergent helps slide it out easier.
Suppositories Instant relief with bowel motion response time averaging around 15 minutes post insertion. Rectally things happen faster--good for use when ingested items not passing through intestines.

How long should I let my bowels be sealed without opening up that old mailbox?

A general expectation is seeing yourself defecating (there's that word again) anywhere between 3 times a day to once every three days; so if you go within 48 hours then consider yourself lucky!

When it comes down to it, diet modification plus hot yoga sessions may sound great but sometimes our bodies require some medical assistance! Just remember moderating good daily habits like hydration & exercise ensures smooth bowel movements minus pain!

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