Ringworm: Can It Be Deadly?

Have you ever had an itchy, red patch on your skin that just wouldn't go away? Well, chances are it might have been a case of ringworm. Before you start panicking and imagining creepy crawlies wriggling under your skin, take a deep breath and read on to learn more about this fungus infection.

Ringworm: Can It Be Deadly?

What is Ringworm exactly?

Despite its name, ringworm has nothing to do with worms or snakes. It's actually a fungal infection that affects the skin or scalp. The fungus responsible for causing ringworm feeds on keratin - the protein found in our hair, nails and outermost layer of skin - hence why it tends to affect these areas of the body.

Ringworm gets its name from the circular shape that the rash often forms- resembling a worm curled up into itself (how cute?). However,don't be fooled by this seemingly harmless appearance- even though most cases of ringworm are mild and easily treatable, they can sometimes lead to serious complications if left untreated.

How does one contract Ringworm?

Contrary to popular belief (and pure speculation), you cannot get infected with ringwoom by coming into contact with actual worms . Rather , it spreads through direct or indirect contact with other humans, animals or surfaces contaminated with fungi spores (germs).

Humans can catch ringorm directly from another affected human through touching which occurs when someone touches an infected person’s lesion. You may also become infected indirectly after exposure via touch something like wet floors particularly swimming pool decks used too frequently by people walking barefooted. Touching pets such as cats and dogs, especially those less than 6 months old.and farm animals including pigs,cows goats could give way exposing one since they harbor high ratesof colonization while engaging in agricultural related activities

These germs thrive in warm,, moists environments Hence , you're more likely to get infected if you live in a hot humid area, suffer from excessive sweating or wear tight-fitting clothes that trap moisture.

What are the Symptoms of Ringworm?

Ringworm symptoms can vary depending on where it strikes your body.As already mentioned,the common manifestation is a circular lesion or bump.but there different types basedon where it occurs.

Tinea corporis

This common type of ringworm often appears as a red ,itichy patch with raised edges forming the characteristic circle shape whether on the arms,legs ans chest.

Tinea capitis

When ringwoom effects one's scalp mostly(especially children) It presents differently and especially noticeable while combing hair- scaly patches,dandruff-like flakes or spots of incomplete hair growth.It"s accompnied by insense itching and sometimes painful sores .

Tinea pedius

Commonly referred to us athletes foot refers ,tinea pedius manifests between toes causing scaling peeling excoriations leading extensive pain..

Given these distinct signs its important not to self diagnose.To ensure complete recovery doctors prescribe antifungal medications since rignwoom thrives off nutrients sustaining skin cells therefore an incorrect dosage may result in prolonged periodization.

DON'T Panic!!

Although Ringworn sounds scaryand even gross (who wouldn't freak out seeing brown scales slowly slide from their toe?) First it has nothing whatsoever do will actual worms nor does most cases lead up to fatal aftermaths.. Now you know that Do not forget simple hygiene tips including washing hands frequently,constantly changing socks,and puddles should be avoided at all costs.Wash personal items such as towels repeatedly after use.Always consult doctor when suspecting any sign(s). Thanks for keeping company up today.PS: Wash those dear feet regularly!

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