Rock Your Bump: Tips on Using a Pregnancy Ball

Congratulations, Mama! You're growing a tiny human which means there is no way of getting out of the endless list of baby and mama gear. All those books about pregnancy can be helpful but let's admit it - they’re dry as toast with no humor! With that being said, let's talk about one item that could really help you feel like royalty on a throne — the pregnancy ball.

Rock Your Bump: Tips on Using a Pregnancy Ball

What’s A Pregnancy Ball?

First things first; if you have never seen or heard anything about a pregnancy ball, welcome to planet earth where rocks are your friends. Just kidding, calm down. A pregnancy ball (also known as an exercise ball) is simply an oversized inflatable rubber sphere used for exercise and rehabilitation purposes.

Why Use One When Pregnant?

Affordable Pregnancy balls cost roughly $15-$25 (depending on size) when compared to other types of specialized fitness equipment such as ellipticals, treadmills or stationary bicycles - this makes them accessible and affordable for anyone looking for something practical. Versatile The term 'pregnancy' might give off an impression that the only person who can make use of these balls are "expecting moms", however anyone at any point in their life journey can put these iconic spheres into great use! -For labor pain relief during childbirth -To improve posture -As alternative seating for individuals needing support -Convenient addition to your home gym setup Pro Tip: Do not cover your house with small plastic toys around it. It’s called LEGOs ambush!

How To Use It For Exercise?

You must be wondering what exactly you’ll do with this bounce buddy right?. Well pair up with us while we take through some workout exercises:

Prenatal Flyer!

Sit on the ball keeping feet shoulder-width apart and knees bent almost at 90. Holding a light dumbbell on each hand, keeping your elbows bent to the level of your body, lift both arms up straighten them out directly above your shoulders. Then slowly lower gently down and repeat.

The Pike:

Perfect when you are ready to have some fun while exercising this move is done by laying over the ball with hands placed securely on it’s ground beside you, then proceed to walk forward extend legs behind you till they hit the floor below which at this point their should be just enough balance point for raising hips upward pushing up towards ceiling till toes barely touch it. Lower hips back down and repeat process one more time.

How It Helps During Labor?

You might think that rocking back in forth in labor would never work but look no further(whoops!) cause using an exercise ball can ease labor pain tremendously! Sitting on a pregnancy ball in half squat position helps pelvis widen therefore making way for easier passage during delivery. Bouncing or rockin’ from side-to-side helps relax and soothe mamas experiencing any sort of discomfort because movement is life right?

Pro Tip: There's nothing as relaxing as slowing things down watching movies upside-down!

Tips On Choosing The Right Ball

Fitness enthusiasts always suggest getting correct size based off height: | Height | Ball Size | |--------|----------| |4'8" - 5'3"|45 cm | |5'4" - 5'10"| 55 cm | |5’11-6’2” |65 cm |

Remember slightly deflating will amount into larger size than company recommends first get low drop some science pressure knowledge until inflation reaches perfection!

Easy As That! Finally after picking yourself a delightful, stable sphere following tips laid out here,sit pretty or better yet have someone hold your hand if its shaky pop some airhead candies enjoy bouncing around comfortably like kangaroo before newborn takes over every bit of your sanity!

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