Safe or Sorry: Swordfish for Pregnant Women?

Are you expecting a little bundle of joy? Congratulations! It's an exciting time, filled with so many questions – What will they look like? Who will they take after more- father or mother? Can I eat that sushi roll without worry?

Safe or Sorry: Swordfish for Pregnant Women?

While some foods are questionable during pregnancy and should be avoided altogether (sorry raw milk fans), others could fall in the category of “better safe than sorry” depending on how much mercury they may contain. Since swordfish is one often mentioned as potentially high in this element, let’s see what options we have.

Wait…what about mercury?

It's important to understand what all the buzz around eating fish and the chemicals inside means. Mercury can naturally occur in waterways, but industrial pollution has caused non-natural amounts to build up over time creating a higher risk for fish species contaminated by humans -aka biomagnification. Mercury exposure from regular intake can lead to cognitive defects, fatigue, hand tremors and coordination difficulties.

In pregnant women, it poses an additional concern since methylmercury can cross into baby's blood supply via placenta causing possible neurological damage - yikes! To play it safe mothers are usually advised by their physicians about which fish types to avoid when dining out.

Omega good & Evil

If you're reading this article right now thinking "I was just told omegas were good," well snap! You’re not wrong …. Completely. Fish is packed with omega-3 essential fatty acids our bodies need though cannot create themselves making them necessary through diet.According to Dr.Gina Lundberg of Emory University School of Medicine omega-3s help regulate inflammation throughout our organs helping protect against heart disease while also having neuroprotective qualities too Not too shabby!

Swordfish does happento contain these beauties; still comes with its own flaws.

The Swordfish Sees All

Swordfish at a quick glance seems like an ideal meal for the soon-to-be mamas because it's loaded with protein and omega-3 goodness. It is one of many fish varieties that FDA recommend limiting because its mercury levels can be relatively high when compared to some other seafood options. To help manage your exposure care is advised in ensuring no more than three 6 oz servings per month.

But…What About Cooking?

Just as you would cook other kinds of fish, swordfish should also be cooked properly . Fish should always be prepared so that it’s not raw or undercooked concerning safety, regardless of pregnancy status. Eating fish dishes such as grilled or baked will come packing flavor along with calculating protections against mercury intake.

Plus! Enjoying freshly home-cooked meals wipes out any possible preservatives lurking around hidden within process packaging making a mom achieve all-around wins!

To Sword Yes or No?

Like many topics about pregnancy diets, opinions seem divided on whether pregnant women may eat swordfish safely. If we stick to research findings though they indicate moderate consumption leading the pack. Pregnant ladies should turn to low-mercury fishes packed with dietary must-haves including salmon AND sardines while still skipping over their friends: sharks, king mackerel, and tilefish mostly known culprits when concerning unjustifiable amounts of Methylmercury

But overall keep up that well-balanced diet! Achieving proper nourishment from veggies over fast food resorted habits isn’t just great for baby but also helps set-up for healthier eating paths post-delivery too!

Happy Expecting!

This article does not substitute medical advice given by personal physicians but aims at clarifying general nutrition recommendations during pregnancy.

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