Safe or Unsafe: Using Weighted Blanket During Pregnancy?

Are you one of those people who can't sleep without a blanket? Or are you one of those people who like to be wrapped up tightly in blankets, just like a burrito? Have you come across the term "Weighted Blanket" and wondered what it is all about? Whether you're pregnant or not, this article will provide an overview of weighted blankets and their safety during pregnancy.

Safe or Unsafe: Using Weighted Blanket During Pregnancy?

What Is A Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is exactly as its name suggests. It's a heavy blanket typically filled with materials such as plastic pellets or glass beads. These materials weigh down the blanket and give it a comforting effect on the user. The weight prescribed for these blankets ranges from 5-30 lbs.

The concept behind using weighted blankets lies primarily in Deep Touch Pressure Therapy (DPT) – which has been proven to improve sleep by stimulating pressure points throughout your body.

How Are They Used?

Many use these special types of blankets for issues such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and also insomnia.

During pregnancy - especially towards the latter stage when lying down becomes increasingly cumbersome - sleeping sometimes seems next to impossible; but could using weighted blankets help alleviate this challenge in that regard?

Complicated right? But don't worry! This may finally get interesting!

Before settling on investing in any new pillowcases or fabrics that might make being pregnant more bearable at night time – take note: Do not rule out discussing this possibility beforehand with an obstetrician / gynecologist well acquainted with prenatal care:

Believe us; they have valid reasons why some products should be avoided altogether during pregnancy regardless of how beneficial other non-pregnant groups claim said items may seem—get yours today because #happiness is a must-have for you and your unborn child.

What Are the Benefits of Using Weighted Blankets?

  1. Helps Alleviate Stress - One of the most significant benefits linked to using weighted blankets is stress relief, studies have shown that when individuals lay down under their blanket, they tend to secrete more "serotonin", a hormone known as a happiness elixir.

  2. Reduces Anxiety - When it comes to anxiety disorders, nothing beats embracing deep pressure stimulation (DPS) therapy.

  3. Promotes Better Sleep- The idea behind using these blankets isn’t necessarily how much sleep time one avails themselves of but rather ensuring quality over quantity; thus users generally report feeling more rested each morning upon waking up from an uninterrupted sleep cycle #winning

  4. Relief From Chronic Pain – Users who suffer from fibromyalgia report decreased amounts of pain after laying underneath such cocoon-like wraps (sounds like heaven if we might add)

  5. Senses Calming Effect –They are like peace on earth! Just wrapping up in them provides full-body sensation relaxation students across various learning institutions swear by this during exam periods.

Possible Risks Involved In Pregnant Women Using A Weighted Blanket:-

In as much as there may be sound benefits linked to its use, some precautions need considering before opting in:

1.Risks Of Reduced Oxygenation To Fetus

The weightiness associated with these blankets could make it difficult for adequate oxygen intake whenever used during pregnancy—overheating or reduced circulation while under such heavy covers can sometimes lead loss of cartilage tissue around bones within arms /legs leading to nerve impairment in later stages.

This warning applies particularly towards women suffering from pre-existing medical conditions that limit circulatory functionality-especially women whose prenatal care mandates being placed on complete bedrest. n b).Increase Pressure On Bladder
n Most moms would consider this obvious- but weighing almost 5% of a woman's total body weight the additional pressure from such heavy blankets could exacerbate any existing discomfort related to bladder control – so if you have to constantly run off or struggle with incontinence we recommend having an open conversation with your medical caregiver on how best to tackle these concerns without risking either yourself and/or baby.

2.Risk Of Overheating

Overheating during pregnancy generally results in high risk for birth defects, when specific fetal organs fail to develop properly. Studies show that even minor increases above 101° Fahrenheit (38.3°C) cause trouble at crucial developmental stages. Therefore, women using these types of blankets need constant monitoring by their healthcare providers as well constant reassurance while under one.

That being said..

What Are Some Tips To Consider In Using Weighted Blankets During Pregnancy?

So now let’s get imaginative! Here are some safe tips for utilizing weighted blankets towards helping sleep better as expectant mothers:

a). Select The Right Blanket-

Instead of focusing solely on heavy-density - put into consideration factors like textile material too; more breathable fabric blends help air fluctuations easier through blanket fibers thus supporting body temperature maintenance.

B). Work With Your Body -

Avoid contortionism movements while under wraps because "sharing"’ weight back-and-forth between others confuses receptors further disrupting somatosensory integration – look us up if you require clarification #winks

C.) Duration & Timing (You're Allowed to Set Limits)

Start slow and follow through progressively adjusting duration over time gradually. As per intervention groups put together by researchers at Mount Sinai hospital New York has suggested usage limits be set closer times less than an hour before bedtime (we are awestruck ourselves! Can anything trump preparing a soothing environment before a good night's sleep?) hurry now and give yours try

Conclusion: Safe or Unsafe, Wrap Up and Doze Off

In conclusion, while the use of a weighted blanket may hold some benefits in relieving stress, promoting better sleep and reducing anxiety amongst pregnant women – there are likely associated risks with their usage.

  • Always consult your medical practitioner before trying or testing any new products,
  • If your doctor agrees to include it into your prenatal care plan - Check out selecting lighter options material-wise rather than just focusing on the weight We hope this article has provided some guidance when choosing to tuck yourself safely under one of these cozy blankets towards achieving restful nights during pregnancy.

Remember that happy moms =Happy Babies!

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